SmartyKat Crick It! Cat Toy Electronic Sound Catnip Toy by SmartyKat

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5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Pros: inexpensive, but kept his interest for years!
Cons: I can't see a way to replace the battery (though it did last for years, and I'd happily buy another).
If I ever see another one of these somewhere, I will certainly buy it. Captain Meow has literally hundreds of toys (he's indoor, so I spoil him, bringing 'kills' home often, when I venture out). What I learned from so much toy purchasing is virtually every few dollars I shell out like that buys him something to only be interested in for a day or two, sometimes only a moment. But I keep buying him things because I know he catalogues them by smell, and moves them around in the night, even when I don't see him "ever playing with them". It is his stuff, and he's aware of that. This chirping grasshopper toy (it chirps when moved) is one of the rare exceptions...a toy that he played with literally FOR YEARS. He keeps it on the front door mat, and rolls around with it, all the time. And it's good for my heart whenever I see him exercising his. I need him to be happy and have some fun each day. Sorry if too many words but yes, one of the best toys I ever got him!


Pros: Has little wings the cat can grab and throw with; realistic sound
Cons: None
Oh my gosh, I've been looking to replace Robins favorite toy, which was inadvertently thrown out two years ago. Nobody likes to be woken up at night, but everyone loves the sound of crickets, so it was a win-win to wake up hearing that little cricket. It doesn't make a sound unless it gets dropped, and only lasts like 4 chirps, so it's not going to keep you awake.
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Pros: Catnip stuffed cricket is adorable and chirps when cats play with it.
Cons: None
This is one of those toys that I like more than the cats.  It's a cute little cricket that softly chirps when cats are batting it around.  Unfortunately Paul and Chula are not that interested in it, although I do sometimes hear chirping late at night.  It seems like it would be a great cat toy - it's a good size to be swatted at or held in the mouth and it gives direct feedback with the chirping. It is also stuffed with catnip, making it even better.   I love it, but my vote doesn't count.  I'm hoping after a catnip holiday that a renewed interest in catnip will make this toy more attractive to them. 

 I bought it on sale for $6.99, marked down from $9.99 from   This is quite a bit less expensive than the $14.99 amazon is asking for it.  It's well worth the money at $6.99 and even at $9.99 but I wouldn't pay $14.99 for it.
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