SmartyKat Bubble Nip Catnip Bubbles

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World Wise Atlanta DC
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Pros: Cheap
Cons: Did nothing
The girls were not impressed. They just looked at the bubbles and walked away from them. They had no desire to touch or chase them. They seemed a bit irritated by them. They quickly went back on the shelf. I guess I will have to find someone to give these to.
Pros: Quiet non-aggressive wonder-filled
Cons: Tiny bottle
Found this yesterday as I was looking in the cat aisle at Walmart it was $0.97 and I bought two I bought him a couple other toys same old same old things he has so many toys I had to buy him one of those storage ottoman to keep everything

As I was cooking I opened one of the bubble and quietly started blowing bubbles standing up he could not compute what was happening at first he let out that weird cooing noise watch in wonderment as they fell and popped then started to speak he was meowing like what is going on?

Truly it's so fun to watch him not get it... then he went into I want to touch each one before they fall with my nose or a paw honestly he could have done it for hours he was so vocal the whole time meowing his eyes wide I could tell he was having so much fun I plan on stopping back and getting some more it's a fun way to play with him it's something different and something I can tell that he enjoyed and we are going to do it again later I noticed no ouch that soap is popping in my eye none of that he didn't flinch he loved it he didn't want to stop

To be honest sometimes I don't feel like aggressive cat play I know they need it and like it and I happily do it but this is a good fill in when you just don't feel like doing the Dangle and Pull.

Went Back , Bought a bunch to give some to my cat loving friends. Cuz I thought it was unique and fun. Try it.. the response is hard to type out but I'll tell you this he loves it! And who doesn't like blowing bubbles?
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