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SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

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  1. __Dina__
    "so great that i have TWO of them!"
    Purchase Date:
    Nov 12, 2018
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - my kittens love it! cats can sit on top of the post, seems like very durable scratching material, no chemical smell, easy to assemble
    Cons - almost not tall enough (my cats seem long though), pricey
    great post. my cats stretch and scratch it multiple times a day. i have two energetic 8 month old kittens and they also enjoy climbing it and sitting on the very top of it (dont buy the extra pad that they sell, ive heard it doesnt stay on very well anyways). the material seems very durable and the post itself doesnt rock or move almost at all. very stable and not shaky. my cats seem to be kinda long so they are already stretching beyond the top of the post but i think it is okay, it is at their limit though. overall, worth it!
  2. lalagimp
    "All the cats love this"
    Purchase Date:
    Sep 23, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Tall and solid
    Cons - I haven't found any
    This post works for my largest cat all the way down to my petite little cat who doesn't even have her front claws. The four cats in my house use this daily and after almost 2 years it's still in really good shape. I didn't get a pad for the top, but the boys are always jumping on top of it and hanging out. Even when they are playing with it, running through the room, and launching from it, it remains upright and just moves a few inches across the floor. 12105737_10207547342099870_4378634767490896897_n.jpg
  3. dorimon
    "Perfect for our bigger/longer (not fat!) kitty"
    Pros - tall; durable; good quality
    Many scratching posts are simply too small for a full-grown adult cat.  This one is about 32 inches high, which allows for our two kitties to get a good back stretch.

    The scratching post is also very durable and has a wide, stable base.  It is covered in sisal rather than carpet, which I like -- I don't want to train the kitties to scratch our carpeted floors!

    We've had the scratching post for almost a year now (we had to donate our old one when we moved from the U.S. West Coast to the East Coast... it was cheaper to replace it than to ship it), and it's holding up great.  We are sure it will last at least several years. :)
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  4. crankydave
    "The most popular scratching post in the house"
    Pros - *Very* sturdy, tall
    Cons - none for the post itself
    My cats both love this thing. They've both outgrown the posts that they used when they were tiny, and this behemoth really lets them stretch out. It's frequently on sale for around $30, and is well worth it at that price. The only ding is that the top was clearly designed with a platform in mind, but it's sold separately for about 1/3 the list price cost of the post itself (*half* if you buy it for $30). It works just fine without it, but my smallest cat is a climber, and the smooth top always frustrated him until I shelled out for the topper. The post itself is fine without it, but I think most cat owners would want it just to have one more perching spot. A combo deal would be nice.
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  5. fhicat
    "Heavy, high quality scratcher"
    Pros - Sturdy and well constructed
    Cons - None so far
    I have three of these for my cat. These are very well constructed, heavy and has a strong base. Not much assembly required -- you just have to attach the base together with dowels, and then screw it onto the post itself.

    The height of this is great for vertical scratchers. My cat likes to attack the post, and he scratches on the post as a way to greet me when I come home. All three posts have stood up to abuse for almost two years. YOu need to do nothing more than the occasional dusting and wiping. 

    This should be the standard with which all scratching posts are built. A good scratching post does not wobble (cats don't like wobbly ones) and is tall enough for them to stretch fully. This one scores an A on both counts.
  6. molldee
    "Trust me, this is a furniture saver!"
    Pros - very tall, very sturdy, cats use it all the time, durable, no cat scratches on furniture
    Cons - depends on the cat - some may not use it, expensive
    All three of my cats now use this scratching post. Before they had one of those $20 wimpy posts that fell over every time they tried to scratch it. My furniture now has no more cat scratches because of this post. At first I had to coax them into using it by spraying catnip spray on it. It worked though, and now they use it all the time! My cats especially like to stretch out on it, because it's so tall and sturdy it doesn't fall over. You can tell by just looking at it, that it's very firm and durable. I bet this will last a lifetime. The look is sleek and doesn't look cheesy like some of the other cat posts. Although it is expensive, it's worth every penny!
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