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SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter, 5-Pound

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  1. maureen brad
    "Love this Litter"
    Purchase Date:
    Jun 4, 2017
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    Pros - Natural, Clumps well, No dust
    Cons - Tracking
    I have been using Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat for years and still like it a lot. I wanted to try this having heard good things about it.The bag is light weight (yippee) and there is very little dust. When I first bought it I put it in a regular sized litter box as opposed to my existing boxes made from 39 gallon Rubber Maid storage totes. The tracking from that little box was hideous. Looked like a sand dune on the floor every time they used it.Making another litter box out of a storage tote took care of the tracking. It is expensive but clumps so well , as well as Dr. Elsey's.
  2. raksha
    "Probably the best "minimal dust" non-clay litter I've come across, thus far!"
    Purchase Date:
    Jul 14, 2015
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    Pros - Clumps neatly, excellent odor control, no obnoxious "fragrance" added, and very minimal (hardly noticeable) dust!
    Cons - Clump do take a little time to "set"; tracks a little
    Ok, so I've been experimenting with litter, and thank goodness my boys don't care what it is, so long as they have a place to do their business. I own a "Giant" litter pan, and several large sized ones, because I have two medium to large sized boys in my house (who I wish would play together more... but that's a different story).

    Frankly, this is the best litter I've come across, in my experimentation, in terms of overall odor control, clumping, and dust. I have a sensitive nose, and dust just pisses me off (my cats love to sit and watch mommy dust the house like a madwoman, every now and again). Also, the price really isn't that bad, if you buy the large bags. I always try to have at least 1 big bag in reserve, in case someone decides to go nuts in the litter box. Amazon sells the 26lb bag at about 25-30, from a private seller, if you're willing to wait on shipping.

    Before I came across this, here are some other "natural" multi-cat clumping brands I've tried: Arm & Hammer, World's Best, Zilla Walnut Shell Bedding, and Blue Buffalo.

    All of the above displeased me for a number of reasons (poor clumping, tracking, smell, cat hated it, and DUST... loads and loads of dust [Blue Buffalo]. Regarding smell, for some reason, Arm and Hammer imagine that a litter box should smell like a flowery field, which put me off of it, entirely. The smell was so strong out of the box, that I said NOPE). I know that the decision should really rest upon the cat liking it or not, but my boys aren't picky, and if I can smell the box a mile away, I can only imagine what their poor noses go through.

    So after loads and loads of testing and research (and lots of returns!), I discovered Smart Cat All Natural Clumping Litter.  I'll admit that I have pale carpeting and beige painted walls (I rent, so no choice there), so if it does produce dust, I've never noticed. I've also never noticed dusty feet on my kitties, after doing their biz. What I DID notice is that (despite taking maybe 10 min for a urine clump to harden) the clumping is very good, for an all natural litter, the smell isn't obnoxious, and there's no urine/poopy smell immediately after my boys use it (then again, both are fastidious about covering up their "pee/dirt").

    The only real con is that it does track (less than BB, though), especially if the kitties had damp feet upon exiting the litter boxes. One HUGE difference I noticed between SC and BB is the TEXTURE. They're both pretty hefty bags (I buy the 26lb, since I have two cats and multiple litter boxes to fill), but the grains of the SC are much more pearlized and refined, than the walnut granules in BB. That could be why SC is so much less dusty than BB.

    If you haven't tried this product yet, I strongly encourage giving it a go.

    Yay for kitty litter! If I find a better one than this, I promise to leave a thorough review of it, too [​IMG]  
  3. ankitty
    "Excellent litter."
    Pros - Light weight, clumps very well, great odor control, no dust, not clay, easy to clean.
    Cons - More expensive, hard to find.
    I wish I could find this litter locally. It's great litter. Lightweight and easy to handle, no dust, clumps very well. It does get stuck on litter box, but very easy to get it out. Odor control is excellent, and litter itself doesn't have weird smell. Also, it's very clean and I believe it's safe for my cats. It trucks outside of litter box, however, I found that the lightweight litter doesn't go too far and fall off from my cats' paws rather quickly. They don't get sticky on their feet either. I highly recommend.