Smart Paw Sights & Sounds Birdie Chase Play Cat Toy

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1.00 star(s)
Pros: Can't think of any
Cons: Noisy, cat won't touch it
Got one of these at a surplus store but my cats aren't interested in it at all. I found I was playing with it more than them. My cats even Indy who plays with everything just think it's a noisy $10.00 paperweight. Will be getting rid of it since it's not returnable.
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Pros: It stayed interesting to him for years! No maintenance. Price ok.
Cons: none
When it comes to toys, my cat's interest seems to be based on if he has never smelled something before, THEN it's interesting. And so he will bat it around, much as he would a mouse. But once he has catalogued the smell in his memory, that's it! And I cannot count how many toys I have spent $5 or more on, simply to see him sniff them and be done already. Success in getting him a new toy seems to be if he plays with it for one or two days. Well, he's an 'indoor cat' (it's a city area), so I must keep him entertained. Constantly bring him new things to explore and play with.

This toy has a ball that goes around in a circle, on a track, and a cat will lay on his side and poke the ball with his paw, to make it go around again and again very fast. My god he loves this! It's the one toy I ever bought him that he actually was interested in FOR YEARS. I did change the ball to one that doesn't make sound, as my cat doesn't like toys that do that, but this thing is great. It requires no maintenance, and it just lasts and lasts, and the price was okay.

The one mistake I eventually made with it is after years went by, I thought if I bought him a new one (so the smell would be one he hadn't yet encountered), it might re-invigorate his interest, but no...he took that as if I had taken his favorite toy away! So I am careful now to not mess with his things. ..because even though he may SEEM to have lost interest in a few items after some time, so I decide to tidy away some of the 'extra' toy accumulation, HE doesn't see it that way! He has everything where he likes it, for his cat reasons. And I shouldn't mess with that, I found.

But yes, by now I've bought every toy I could find, in every store, and this one by far was the best one, by him!

There are other toys of this type....some with longer tubing that goes around corners and such. And I tried one of those because I thought if this small one was good, the big elaborate one would be even better! But again, nope, he will be the judge of these things. Just get him this simple one, and never mess with it. lol Cat will be happy.
Pros: The girls love this!
Cons: None
I bought this from Wal Mart for about $10 or so. The girls didn't care for it at first but when I took it away for a while and then gave it back, they played with it a lot and they still do. I like how the ball doesn't come out of the track. It would be long gone by now if it did.
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Pros: keeps them active , happy and exercises them mentally and physically!
Cons: None
This is for a young kitten we just adopted and she is 6 months old ..

Regular toys and even the laser mouse are not enough to tire her

and make her content..daily.

This is the best interactive toy I have ever bought..

The purple ball inside has a tab you pull and activates it

and the cat hears bird sounds each time she bats the ball

and it circles inside the toy's track or tunnel area..

You could even drop catnip inside the top area if you want to and shake it out

when it is not effective anymore and add new the center of the toy..

not the tunnel area where the ball goes around and around..

I can not say enough about this toy..for it truly a wonderful

gift for your cat or a friends cat ....

Sheri T

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