Smart n' Tasty Cat Dental Treats - Various Flavors

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Pros: Decent ingredients for a treat compared to similar products
Cons: Too small to do any good
If these were just called treats I might be more forgiving - but to call these dental treats is clearly absurd.   First of all they are so small that 90% of the time cats will gulp them down without even chewing.   On the rare occassion they do bite into one, it is basically no different than eating a piece of kibble.  There is absolutely no cleaning action as they just shatter like eating a cracker.   Cats clearly like these of course because they are sprayed with rendered animal fat so you will get the crazed kitty crack reaction.    $3.99 for a bag sounds like a bargain - right?   But compared to just buying a big bag of kibble - which is basically what this is - it`s astonishingly expensive.   These are very similar to the Feline Greenies product which is just as ridiculous.   

If you are looking into getting a chew that is good for your cats teeth then look into the Virbac CET chews while more expensive actually work.