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Pros: it works, the "no name" brands are affordable
I bought a different "no name" brand (same colour/style label, same ingredients) for Mo, who at the time was about 11 years old and was suffering from kidney problems. A lifetime of dry food and generally poor care came to a head when I noticed he was having some problems eliminating, spending quite a long time in the litter box, coming out with a very swollen bum, and there were an increasing number of instances where he would come out with poop still stuck to his bum. Sometimes he would notice and drag it off on the floor (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) and sometimes he would go tearing around the apartment normally and just flailing the poop around everywhere.

I started adding this to his food in 1/8tsp doses, and increasing or decreasing as needed. Because of the nature of the laxative, it holds more water in the stool, which means less water is being absorbed into the body. Especially if kidneys are of any concern, it's very important to make up the amount of water that's passing through. Of course, I added this to Mo's wet food and I watered down Mo's wet food until it was 1:1 water to food, or sometimes even more.

The vet confirmed that Mo probably just needs it, and rather than doing it after we see him struggling, for him, it will be a lifetime thing. So everyday, every meal, he gets a dose of Clear Lax and it's been smooth sailing since it became part of the routine.