Simply Nourish™ Source Adult Cat Food

Simply Nourish
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Pros: high protein, affordable
I have this as my secondary "backup" kibble to use as bedtime treats if we hit a rough patch financially and can't afford the cats' regular kibble. I mix it in, and the cats seem to accept this brand/formula very readily as kibble addicts. The shape of the kibble is in little crosses, so it offers some variety from their normal round kibble. The smell isn't overpowering, the cats definitely know when the container is open.

I bought a 12lb bag, which is sturdy and resealable. It's grain-free and is high protein, around 44%, and for a kibble, is on the lower end of carbs for other commercially available brands (about 26% carbs, but their guaranteed analysis does not list ash content, so it could be lower). It's very easy to get since all Petsmarts have it in stock as their store brand, and I prefer the Source line over their normal Simply Nourish simply because they are higher protein and grain-free. I definitely recommend this food for people seeing a high protein dry food who may be limited by a budget.