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Shinkara Abyssinians is well known for offering high quality kittens with rich and vibrant colors, excellent genetics and exceptional temperaments. The health is guaranteed. The Shinkara Abyssinians are available on reservation. Colors: Ruddy, red, blue and fawn.Grand Champion lines. Home raised. Ruddy, red, blue and [email protected]


Excellent advice!  Years ago I remember my horros when I did visit a cattery of someone who was doing pretty well on the show scene, and the living condition of the cat was horrible.  I understand the urine smell if people are living with whole (unaltered) males.  Thats not the same as dirty litterboxes creating ammonia.  That is a dfferent smell.
I have no doubt that your kittens DID die, it sounds like she has a nasty virus running through her cattery -- probably one of the more deadly forms of calici.  In any case, you saved the kittens you got, and it cost a fortune and taught you a lesson, but it was a happy ending for the CATS and that's what matters. 
I bought two Ocicat kittens from Shinkara (Isabel Ricard) in August 2016. One of them died of feline leukemia (with severe anemia) in September 2017. She suddenly stopped eating and had lost weight, which was why I brought her to the vet. The vet was as surprised by the blood test results as I was. The cats were strictly indoor cats, never exposed to other cats. They were fully vaccinated. My vet told me that my kitten must have had feline leukemia from birth, or at least when she left the cattery. I emailed Isabel Ricard twice and she wrote back days later, saying that she was busy and would write later. She never did. I wish there was a better way for me to warn people that Shinkara is selling sick cats. Even worse that the breeder refuses to communicate with the owner after such a tragedy.