Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

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Pros: Very sturdy, very soft; has held up through quite a lot
Cons: None
So we bought a soft carrier because our cats are just the worst when it comes to going into a carrier. They love to start bouncing around when we are actually carrying them so naturally it causes a weight shift and the carrier will tip. When they did this in the plastic ones it used to terrify me for 2 reasons. One being that the poor babies were slamming into hard plastic but also I was terrified the carrier would pop open and they would fall out. This is much softer so when they decide to do gymnastics as I am carrying them into the vet I feel slightly less guilty when they bump into the sides but also it has a shoulder strap so it makes it easier to hold it close to my body so there is less movement of the carrier itself.
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Pros: My cat loves softness and the fleece bottom is very soft for her.
She can see me through the mesh.
Cons: She is an elongated cat and even though she has space, I wish she could lay down in it.
My cat Dutchess and I travel out of state to visit my family and she doesn't like boarding. We travel by car or train and this carrier is very sturdy.
I'm not sure but maybe putting wheels on it to roll on a flat surface would be a good idea to alleviate carrying it for those of us that have back problems.
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5.00 star(s)
Pros: Comfy
Easy to clean the inside
Cons: Can be difficult to clean on the outside
Can be quite pricey
I have the large size for my cats and I LOVE it! Though it was pretty pricey back in the day, it's lasted me a good 7-6 years and it still looks brand new. I love that it has two openings ; top and side. Easy to put a not so happy kitty inside!
I do, however, find it difficult to clean on the outside.
Pros: soft & comfortable; both side & top entry; washable & replaceable lining; folds flat; sturdy
Cons: difficult to clean
We have used this carrier for transporting our two kitties on planes, in cars, etc.  The carrier will fit under a plane seat and can be secured in a car by looping a seat belt through a strap in the back.  The mesh is sturdy and can withstand scratching and biting.  The soft lining at the bottom is washable, and you can also buy replacements.

The only issue we've had is when one of our cats had an accident in the carrier.  Since only the lining is washable, we ended up having to toss the whole thing and buy a new carrier.

I like knowing that my furbabies are comfortable while traveling, so I really love this carrier.  Our youngest family member will occasionally take naps in the carrier at home. :)
Pros: Very comfy and sturdy ..
I bought one of these for my tiny dog actually . He loves it  ..
Pros: Sturdy, well ventilated, easy to open/close, top and front "doors", fluffy lining.
Cons: I don't have anything negative to say about mine!
My cat chewed through the cardboard box he came in from the shelter. At first he was also scared of this carrier and cried the whole time using it. It didn't take long before he was just fine in it though. In fact, it seems to help.calm him now that he knows what it is. The floor is rigid, and there are supports in the front and back to keep it sturdy, but still allows it to fold flat for storage. Cat can be put in from the top or enter from the front. Zippers stay in place. It is easy to carry either with handles or a shoulder strap.
Pros: Soft, comfy
Cons: Slightly cramped for big cats, bottom may warp slightly
I've tried a few different carriers, and while they all do a good job of carrying a cat, we all know how much cats hate them.

This one is airline-approved, meaning that it is designed specifically to fit under the seat of an airplane, and complies with aviation regulations about carriers. The Sherpa carrier has two entrance -- front and top. The material it is made of is sturdy, and the bottom of the carrier is lined with a nice soft bed.

It is the only carrier that my cat regularly sleeps in. I put it in my bedroom where he hangs out sometimes, and often I find him sprawled out inside the carrier. The carrier is best for smaller cats. My 15 lb cat fits in fine, but there's not much space for him to move about (although he can turn just fine). I got the biggest size offered in this model, but with my cat the bottom sometimes warp downwards slightly from his weight. Not a deal-breaker, though.

The carrier has a shoulder strap that makes it really easy for sore arms. You can sling it around your shoulder like a backpack. Compared to generic hard-sided carriers, this one is more snug, such that your cat is not likely to get bounced back and forth while you're carrying her.
Pros: good to carry
Cons: got destroyed by a 2 month-old kitten
well, my mistake was that I put the Rogue inside. He didn't need long to manage to get the zippers open and stick his head through (had to constantly stuff him back in). With continued use, he managed to completely destroy the zipper. He still loved it, though, jumped in and out carrying toys (but it wasn't good anymore to carry him in it).

So the verdict is, if your cat is a calm one, definitely get it.
Pros: Soft sided, mesh sides for looking out and washable
Cons: My cats ae 16# and I need a wheelie carrier or I get back problems
I have had one of these carriers for years and its always been good, solid, serviceable  for my cats.  Well built, seams are solid and strap is, too,if you prefer a shoulder bag carry.

They can see out, yet the meshing is heavy and tough to 'claw thru."   Its roomy even for a big cat, too.  

The only thing is that I have discovered the wheelie carrier ( see my RIO PET CARRIER review ) and now I don't have to lug my two chubby furballs.....I got a wheelie for each of them, so, voila !  No more back problems for mom !    

But this is a good solid case, and the cats can see out from both sides.  The one I have has the option of a zippered over-flap on the top if you want to close up the mesh top, for more security. 

Its worth the money, a good value.  
Pros: Cozy and soft, top load makes it easy to get kitty in and out, good size, not too big nor too small, easy to carry due to shoulder strap.
Cons: Zippers may come undone from a kitty determined to escape. Cats tend to get hot in these during the summer months.
I have two of these carriers. Most times I am taking more than one cat to the vet and would have to make multiple trips back and forth to the car for carriers. I love the shoulder strap. I am able to carry one by hand, each hand if needed and one over the shoulder plus my purse!!! Most times I can do it in one trip with all cats in tow. The carrier is nice and soft inside with a removable fleece pad for washing.

I gave this carrier 3 1/2 stars even though I do love this one for two reasons. You may have to be careful transporting a Houdini kitty. The zippers can be pushed open by prying noses and paws. Once the cat gets the zipper started then kitty can easily escape! YIKES!! My Perkins cannot go in the Sherpa. Also, I feel that these carriers can be a bit too warm in the summer months. Most cats heat up from stress during travel no matter what time of year and the Sherpa does not allow for nice air flow due to the thick screening.
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Pros: soft inside, heavily vented, nice side pocket, easy open, can open on side or top
Cons: expensive, a little heavy
I work at a pet store, so I get a discount on all of the products. I have three cats, so I bought three different carriers to try them out. I tried this one out first and loved it, but I wanted to try two others we had in stock. I wrote reviews for the other two:

This carrier is by far the best carrier I've ever had. It's meant for planes, but I use it for vet visits. The bottom is fuzzy and soft, which keeps my 18 lb cat comfortable. And it's removable and machine washable! I wash it after every vet visit to get the vet office smells out. There are mesh vents on each side, so I know the air flows freely, keeping him cool. Also he can see me on all sides, so he's not as scared as when he's in the plastic carriers with little holes for vents. The fabric material seems sturdy. There's no rips or tears yet and I bought this in the summer of 2012 and used it several times (my cat has urinary issues). The straps are durable and strong, even for my big cat. It's big enough and has enough space. He sits comfortably and doesn't have to squish inside. The top unzips which is nice to easily get your cat into the carrier, or the side unzips too if you prefer that way.

Overall, my big cat seems more comfortable in this fabric carrier than plastic carriers. Very good quality for the price. I tend to use this one more over the other two.
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Pros: Versatile. Soft. Comforting for scared cats. Easy to carry. Insert is washable.
Cons: Body not quite as easy to clean as I'd like. May not be big enough for large cats.
I got this carrier a couple years ago when I needed to take my elder cat on a plane. Up until that point, I had a general hard-sided carrier.

This carrier will meet the in-cabin flight rules at almost any airline, which is really essential to me. I try to avoid flying my animals, but if I have to, I don't want them in the hull. The Sherpa is also pretty affordable for a carrier of its type and seems very well-made.

The carrier is easy to put on your shoulder and it's pretty well-balanced, so both your hands are still free. There are little flat pockets on it so you can insert things like kitty's travel documents, a few treats, or whatever you may need in there.

The carrier has a fleecy insert that can be removed and washed. The frame of the carrier cannot be put in the wash, so cleaning it thoroughly (as I did after my elder cat passed away and it was inherited to Pia) is more difficult.

This is a pretty small carrier, and unless you're flying and you really need to use an airline-compatible carrier on a budget, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for a large cat. Both my girls have been petite. Pearl was only 7 pounds, and Pia is not much bigger at 8.5. Neither one could fully stand in it, and Pia doesn't have more than a couple inches on either side of her body. A big ole' 15-pound tom would be a very tight squeeze.

However, I think for scared cats, this might be a good carrier even if they are a bit larger. Pia is a bit of a scardy cat, and I find the closed in nature of the carrier, especially if there is a blanket over it to darken it, calms her somewhat.

Overall, I am very happy with it and it will remain my main carrier.