Sherpa Element Standard Pet Carrier For Pets Up to 16 Lbs.

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Quaker Pet Group
Pros: Light weight, roomy for cats
Cons: Does not offer a whole lot of support
I needed a carrier that had a shoulder strap, as it is difficult taking two cats to the vet at the same time with the typical hard cased carrier (my one cat is pretty heavy, so I need both hands to carry him).

It was roomy inside with lots of mesh openings for cats to peer out. Love the side pockets to store vet papers and treats in. Be careful, the mesh does not seem claw-proof.

The only down side is that it's not sturdy. If I put it over my shoulder, it would fold in on itself, squishing the kitty a bit. For the short time I am carrying her, it does its job, but if you are going to carry a kitty on your shoulder for quite some time, I am sure they would get uncomfortable fast.
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Pros: practical, comfy, pretty, strong
This is the prettiest carrier I have ever had. I bought it to take Maia to the vet and she was so comfortable. It has a faux lambskin liner that is really soft. And you can wear it as a purse! It has three forms of entry, one on each side and one on the top. It even has a strap for the seat belt and a little pocket to put stuff. I really like it and It can fit anywhere