Sergeant's Vetscription Worm Away

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Sergeant's Pet
Pros: Works, not too expensive, easy to administer
Cons: Can cause cramps
The good thing about this, is that it definitely works against those worms.

One of my kitties had worms, and it got rid of them. There was no side effects of vomiting or diarrhea.

But it can cause some belly aches. My poor kitty spent a few hours being uncomfortable, and had a sleepless night and appeared almost half-mad. After that period however, was back to normal and felt significantly better. It really gets at those buggers in an immediate matter, like bang!

There is of course a maintance period of keeping up with doses monthly, but it isn't difficult to do.

If your kitty does not have existing worms, and just using for regular prevention, the cramps are much less prevalent - almost nonexistent.

Like any other, it comes with directions and even a little calendar chart to keep tabs.

It contains little capsules, that you can open and the powder can be placed in foods, from regular cat food to stuff like yogurt.