Sentry Good Behavior Pheromone Collar for Cats

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Pros: None
Cons: Strong lavender smell!
We bought this collar for Bro who had lost his brother of  many years last month.

The strong lavender smell from the collar went throughout our house

in the venting and rooms within an hour.

It was too strong for us .

we are going to try   a calming collar called nature 24/7  next with less of a pungent lavendar smell for calming


We did read to not put a cat in an area where it could hang itself or jumping off cabinets or in crates

with the collars on

unless you add some small cuts to the collar yourself so that it will indeed break away

Just make any collar more able to break observing it when you

open the package...

Pros: pheromones might actually work.
Cons: Sassy Josephine got the powder into her eye, causing a bad infection, suffering and expensive vet bill
so the idea is great: you put the pheromones right under the cat's nose and they calm her down.

Unfortunately, the carrier for the pheromones is a powdery substance that comes off in huge flakes when you first take it out of its package. This is unpleasant, but no big deal if you're not allergic. The big deal was that apparently a flake got into Sassy's eye without me noticing, the eye started tearing up and after three days of this I came home to find her with it swollen shut. The vet didn't find anything when he cleaned it, but the poor girl still needs antibiotics and eye ointments... not so calming.
Pros: Wonderful scent
Cons: Breakaway feature didn't work; collar kept slipping
I can't say whether this collar worked or not.  We put it on our kitty but the clasp kept slipping so the collar would get to be too big and she would get her front paw and leg caught in it.  It didn't break away--she was just hopping around, trying to get her front leg out of the collar.  I readjusted it after the first time but when it happened a second time, we took it off, fearing she would either hurt herself or hop around stuck while we were gone from home and not able to help her out of it.

I'm sorry we couldn't try it out longer--the scent was very nice and it made her fur smell lavender-y.  
Pros: has some calming effect, smells very good
Cons: only lasted about a week, cat started chewing it off
This collar was caked in white powder that got all over our floor and couch the first night we opened it. The hard plastic is really not flexible, so we never did tighten it as much as it needed because it was difficult to move through the buckle. Because it was so loose and hanging down, Regent kept catching it with his mouth. It's only been about two weeks, and he has bite marks all over it where he's nearly bitten it in half. The calming effect did work well for the first week. We got it to help his anxiety with Christmas lights, and he seem to be much quieter/relaxed for several days. 

However, with how expensive it is, it's a pretty big cost for a few days of benefit. We probably won't purchase this again.
We put this collar on our anxious cat who was unfriendly & clawed a lot at night (often keeping us awake) and it worked at keeping her calm & she no longer clawed everything in our home.  We could always tell when it was time to change to a new collar (approx. every 30 days) as her bad/unfriendly/irritating behavior would reappear.  HOWEVER, just days after putting on her 5th collar, we noticed a large red raised oval-shaped abrasion on her neck with a surrounding balding spot near the collar.  The next day, she had a gaping open wound and I removed the collar, washed the area and treated the wound.  Next day it was oozing pus.  Over the next week or so, it appeared to be healing: closed up very minor looking wound and her hair was re-growing...until two days ago when we noticed a swollen area below where the wound had been.  Yesterday the swollen area apparently ruptured & was putrid.  Today she is in surgery for a horrible absess.  Our honest & wonderful vet could not absolutely verify that this wound was caused by the collar because cats also get absesses from fighting, so while we are documenting her care and plan to request reimbursement from Sergeant’s Pet Care (makers of these Sentry calming collars), the company may not decide to reimburse us for it.  The thing is, our cat is 8 years old and we have never had her fight or be injured in this way.  How oddly coincidental that this should happen after wearing one of these collars!  Now I have been reading other reviews for the collars and cat owners have reported similar problems!
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Pros: Cat seems more calm
Cons: The powder that it releases (but it was ok after a while)
Well i bought this after reading about this in the forum here, because i recently moved with my cat from my home country to europe. My home country being Brazil, my cat has short hair and is adapted to going outside, having sun, etc. And in here there is no such thing and is a small apartment. My cat went nuts, needless to say. It would cry all night long and we couldn't sleep at all. I had to order the colar from amazon so it took like 2 weeks and a half to get here, and in the meantime the cat stopped crying all night. When it got here i put it on him immediately, and i really didn't notice much of a difference. It DOES look a little calmer (being that is such an active cat) but we still can't sleep during the night, because now the problem is that 3am is the playtime, so he tries to wake us up. But that has nothing to do with the collar effectiveness.

For me, i won't remove the collar for this month, because my cat needs to adapt and i think it is kind of helping him to do so. It's a big change, and if you have a kitty that is in a bizarre new place, that is really hard on them, so even if they will act out or not, it's better to prevent and get them something like this collar or the diffuser, to help them adapt, and so they can feel at home right away! :)

Hope it helped
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5.00 star(s)
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Pros: smells great; breakaway feature
Cons: Do not remove until you have replacement
When I brought King Arthur's pregnant mother in to my home, all my kitties were very accepting and helpful... Except for my Paige. She became very stressed out. Marking and showing aggression and displeasure at the new kitty and her kittens. I tried everything... Feliway and even stress tablets to no avail. At the end of my rope, my vet recommended the Pro Pet Calming Collar. I was skeptical. But within minutes, I could see a change!!! Now, you can no longer get the Pro Pet collar (I just talked to my vet on the phone. They discontinued it and he happened to get some boxes of it. But once that is gone. That's it.) Much to the dismay of everyone who has tried it.

It works by mimicing the mothers pheremones to calm a cat. They work for a month or more. But trust me, DO NOT take off a collar until you have one to replace it.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, this collar also seems promising. The Good Behavior Calming Collar, It seems to be close to the same thing.

All I know is my darling Paige is her sweet self again.  No stress.  No marking.  No aggression.  I can't say enough about these little miracle workers!!  I highly recommend them to anyone who has a kitty that is stressed like my Paige was.