Sentry Good Behavior Pheromone Collar for Cats

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Sergeants - Pet Specialty Division

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Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Cat Collar 15in


Lasts up to 30 days
8.75 inches
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Sergeants - Pet Specialty Division
Sergeants - Pet Specialty Division
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Sergeants - Pet Specialty Division
Sergeants - Pet Specialty Division
Sentry 02101 HC Good Behavior Pheromone Collar for Cats, 15 Inches
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15 inches

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Pros: None
Cons: Strong lavender smell!
We bought this collar for Bro who had lost his brother of  many years last month.

The strong lavender smell from the collar went throughout our house

in the venting and rooms within an hour.

It was too strong for us .

we are going to try   a calming collar called nature 24/7  next with less of a pungent lavendar smell for calming


We did read to not put a cat in an area where it could hang itself or jumping off cabinets or in crates

with the collars on

unless you add some small cuts to the collar yourself so that it will indeed break away

Just make any collar more able to break observing it when you

open the package...

Pros: pheromones might actually work.
Cons: Sassy Josephine got the powder into her eye, causing a bad infection, suffering and expensive vet bill
so the idea is great: you put the pheromones right under the cat's nose and they calm her down.

Unfortunately, the carrier for the pheromones is a powdery substance that comes off in huge flakes when you first take it out of its package. This is unpleasant, but no big deal if you're not allergic. The big deal was that apparently a flake got into Sassy's eye without me noticing, the eye started tearing up and after three days of this I came home to find her with it swollen shut. The vet didn't find anything when he cleaned it, but the poor girl still needs antibiotics and eye ointments... not so calming.
Pros: Wonderful scent
Cons: Breakaway feature didn't work; collar kept slipping
I can't say whether this collar worked or not.  We put it on our kitty but the clasp kept slipping so the collar would get to be too big and she would get her front paw and leg caught in it.  It didn't break away--she was just hopping around, trying to get her front leg out of the collar.  I readjusted it after the first time but when it happened a second time, we took it off, fearing she would either hurt herself or hop around stuck while we were gone from home and not able to help her out of it.

I'm sorry we couldn't try it out longer--the scent was very nice and it made her fur smell lavender-y.  


i'd like to know how your baby is doing now as well. yes, sentry, hartz, and sargents all bad stuff. feliaway if i misspelled sorry is ok my vets say. actually when cats act up there is a reason for it just like when we do. sedating them covers them up like drugging us. better to figure out why. like company or new family member or pet or anything different, litter or food changes, anything cause acting out.
I have read on various sites that these "calming" collars should never be used around the cat's neck, but cut up in pieces and placed around the areas she scratches. You are not alone as far as what happened to your cat. Check out other sites or Google the collar to see how much company you have. I wish both of you a fast recovery. Try Bach's Flower Essenses or Feliway spray. Neither will hurt your kitty.
So sorry about your Sassy's eye and I share your reservations about these collars. After trying the vet-recommended NurtureCalm collar, which worked to calm but also gave my cat a bald spot within a few days, I have been mulling how to use these collars as spring approaches - when my cats tend to display more aggression than usual. And one cat has stress-related sterile cystitis, so need to keep him calm - just not bald. I use the diffusers and the sprays but need more, especially for a couple males who can't control their urge to dominate. I bought several of the Sentry collars and plan to cut them into pieces and fashion a clip-on amulet from a lobster clasp and a flat, wide shoe string into which I'll insert a segment of the collar and then sew it to the ring at the bottom of the clasp. I have many cats and no way I would be able to buy collars for all of them that would have to be replaced every month or so. Hoping this way to get more mileage out of them without skin reactions - we shall see....
I just bought my cat the sentry collar within 2 hours her nose started bleeding and sneezing. It may be that she had an allergic reaction to it. The collar works great she calmed down within the hour I placed it on her. But her bleeding from the nose and sneezing concerned me so I took off the collar.