Scratch and Play Cardboard Cat Furniture

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A scratching board and play area all in one big cardboard box. With a cardboard scratch pad on top, two balls with bells inside, and lots of holes to poke through.

Latest reviews

Pros: Great design, stands up well to even large cats
Cons: I wish they sold replacement pads separately
Got this on a whim. It was love at first sight from both cats. I was amazed how it stopped almost all carpet scratching in the living room (though this wasn't why I got it).

Both cats play with it, on it, scratch it like crazy, sleep on it...basically, it gets VERY heavy use. I just replaced it as part of their Christmas present (after I stood on it and badly damaged the inner pad :anon: ). They were all over the new one straight away too.

A note of caution - do NOT remove the inner pad and leave the box part lying around. I did just that, and Asha mistook it for a litterbox :doh3: :disa:


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