Savvy Tabby Striped Mice and Jingle Balls Cat Toys

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Savvy Tabby
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Pros: The very best thing about this packet of toys are the jingle balls *within* the jingle balls.
Cons: The cloth catnip mice provide only short-term entertainment for the cat; don't give to your cat if its chews on and eats cloth products. The caged jingle balls are much more fun to play with, although the plastic cages break easily.
My cat usually only plays with a certain jingle ball toy, and so I wasn't sure if she would pay any attention to this packet of toys. However, the "caged" jingle balls found in this packet grudgingly became her second favorite jingle ball toy of all time.

That hierarchy lasted until she bit through the plastic cage of the toy (you'll see the "cage" I'm talking about in the photo of the toys), chomped it to bits, causing the smaller, 1/2-inch sized jingle bell "rattle" to fall out of its cage and roll across the wood floor.

Time stood still. While I frantically scooped up all of the broken plastic "cage" parts to throw away, a black cat bolt of tuxedo lightning (my cat, that is) spent the next 4 hours dashing around our apartment, batting around and chasing the much smaller and desperately sought-after 1/2-inch sized noisy rolling "prey". She also learned how to pick it up delicately in her mouth and carry the thing to other locations, mewling softly at it.

If I put this small jingle bell ball away in a drawer, she'll cry for it, wondering where it is, pacing around the place. She is now ignoring what was once her other favorite ball toy.

Just like that, the "new" 1/2-inch sized jingle ball toy has surged into first place as her all-time favorite jingle ball!

This is the hidden gem inside this packet of normal-looking toys: the smaller jingle "rattle" balls. For cats who are bored with easily caught larger balls, these smaller bell toys within the larger bell "cage" balls are up for the challenge of providing hours of fun.