Safari Nail Trimmer for Cats, Stainless Steel

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Coastal Pet Products
Pros: Lightweight, cuts nails cleanly, also perfect for cutting my ferrets' nails
Cons: No cons, IMO
I think these clippers work extremely well on my cat's nails, and I would recommend it over many more expensive clippers. They don't "snap" when cutting the nails, so my cat doesn't flinch when I use these because I think the snapping sound aggravated him. They are easy to use, and the blade is sharp enough to cleanly cut your pet's nails quickly. Frankly, I found the same style of clippers at Dollar Tree, and I bought a second set there to compare against this brand, and I think they do an identical job. I use them for my two ferrets' nails as well, so I think they are versatile for any small pet or cat.
Pros: Good Price, Pretty Colors, Quality Materials
Cons: Small, Hard to use with bigger fingers, gets lost easily
I have used this nail trimmer for all of my cats, and it works very well to trim the nails. I love the color choices and the price! Unfortunately, I have larger fingers and it is sometimes hard to maneuver the trimmers. However, they are quality and I can make do. Great tool if you have smaller fingers, they work well and trim nicely.
Pros: Easy to use, work well
These nail trimmers work well and are easy to use.  Cut way down on furniture damage.