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Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Kitten 36 Formula

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Royal Canin
  1. IndyJones
    "Cat won't eat"
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 24, 2017
    Pros - None
    Cons - Cat won't eat, horrible ingredients, overpriced.
    Indy was on this when I first got her but she would barely touch it. I looked at the ingredients and it is loaded with fillers and byproducts. It even smells just like layer pellets you feed hens. It is not a good food and my cat hates it. Will be taking the bag to the shelter.
  2. chromium blues
    "Excellent Results!"
    Pros - Highly palatable, made in Canada, excellent quality control, excellent results.
    Cons - Expensive.
    We start our foster kittens on this, and have done for years. Its a wonderful food. Most of them take to it right away, no problem. Small enough for little kitten mouths. Rehydrates well, if need be. Our little ones always have shiny coats, bright eyes, good stool (once parasites, et all are dealt with). They grow and develop normally.
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  3. shadowbaby14
    "My kitten can't get enough"
    Pros - Kitty loves it, looks tasty, small kibble
    Cons - A bit more expensive than other brands, afraid kitty will choke on a piece of kibble because she scarfs it down so fast
    All as can say is that today is the second day i've been introducing this kitten food to my Shadow and she thinks that the kibble are treats!!! I've been hiding them everywhere as treats for the time-being. lol...
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