Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Adult Fit 32 Formula

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Royal Canin
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Pros: Entices eating, decent ingredients, not overly expensive
Cons: Not the best quality, still overpriced for what you get
I have a very fussy 2 year old who only eats Savor Selective - no luck with anything else! While Royal Canin is overpriced for the quality of their food (really no better than low tier Purina formulas) it certainly has worked for my one cat.
Again, you can find the same quality for a fourth of the price though. If you pay $25 for a 2.5 bag of food, it may as well be Orijen or Fromm, which are of much better quality.
Pros: No vomiting , easy to digest , cats love it ..
My cats love Royal Canin , always have . This is the first time they have had this formula but it was a big hit . I like it because all the formulas have different shapes/sizes  and I assume a slightly different taste . I like to rotate so my cats will have variety .