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Revolution (Stronghold) for Cats

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  • Stronghold Blue 6 for Cats between 2.6 - 7.5 kg (5.7-15.5 lbs.)45mg, works quickly and for one whole month after a single application. 6 doses will give your adorable little fur ball all the help it needs in the fight against both internal and external parasites, such as: Fleas--adults, eggs, and larvae Heartworms Intestinal worms—hookworm and roundworm Ear mites Biting lice This powerful topical boasts a variety of usages, and requires very little effort on your part to keep your cat at a healthy level of frisky curiosity, or apathetic lethargy. It just depends on that testy tabby’s mood. Wait at least 2 hours after treatment to bathe your cat.
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    Stronghold Cats Blue 6 Pack
    Pet Products
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    6 pounds

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  1. Linda R
    Stronghold Plus is a new version, that kills everything Stronghold did, 'plus' ticks. The selamectin in Stronghold now has sarolaner added to it.
    Sarolaner has been orally administered in dogs since 2016 for external parasites (fleas and ticks). The newest 'Plus' version, by Zoetis, the makers of Revolution, put the two together.
    Stronghold Plus, out in early 2017, acts more rapidly, in 12 to 24 hours, killing up to 95% of the ticks and fleas on cats tested.[1]
    As a 'plus', several studies have shown it prolongs the effectiveness of the monthly treatment with no weakening of effectiveness as time passes. Studies repeatedly showed it' works just as well five weeks after application as when first applied. [1], [2] They also found that, besides some itching, there's little or no ill effects.[2], [3]
    If you want to protect kitty to the fullest extent, Stronghold Plus is your 'go-to' remedy.

    More at:
    1 - Zoetis launches Stronghold Plus spot-on for cats - Veterinary News - VetSurgeon - VetSurgeon.org
    2 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304401717301036

    3 - https://www.ema.europa.eu/documents/overview/stronghold-plus-epar-summary-public_en.pdf
    4 - https://parasitipedia.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3165&Itemid=3020

    "NO, I DON'T work for Zoetis."
  2. forthefreefood
    I dont get it.. 6 doses over 6 months and then you just stop???
    1. maincoonmama
      No, you need to buy more. they are available in boxes of three, six, and twelve. even indoor cats need protection. People and other animals can bring them into the building. Kind of like even if you have an indoor cat, they need their shots. I lived on the 20th story of an apartment building and a rabid bat flew in through an open window. Busted through the screen.
      maincoonmama, Jul 18, 2018
  3. Linda R
    Another website that's great is PETBUCKET.COM and the prices are phenomenal! I've used Stronghold from their site for the past 5 or so years and never had any issues. No RX and no tax, and shipping is free too. You just can't beat that!
      maincoonmama purraised this.
    1. maincoonmama
      make sure you verify your currency and payment options. there are people who didn't pay attention and then got mad because they signed up for a membership instead of one-time purchase, or it cost more than they thought because they input the wrong currency
      maincoonmama, Jul 18, 2018
  4. pb0523
    I've been using this on my outside formerly ferals for years. It unfortunately doesn't do a thing for ticks which are a real problem here in NJ but it does a very good job on fleas, ear mites and worms. Due to it's alcohol base, I've had problems applying on one of mine, he catches the smell and runs. Since he has gotten a bit tamer, I've been able to get him on my lap and keep him from running away.
    1. Linda R
      Guess what!? There's now Stronghold PLUS that kills several species of ticks as well!!! Awesome! Ain't it? Go to PetBucket.com. They have it and there's no RX and no tax.
      Have a great day!
      Linda R, Dec 15, 2018
  5. I luv my catz
    You can purchase this from PetMegastore Australia without a prescription
  6. katma
    Six doses over. six. months.

    The blurb is not very clear on that!
  7. sandy wuerch
    WE use this and like it ;)
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