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Rags2Dazzle Ragdolls - West Palm Beach, FL

Rags2Dazzle Ragdolls
  • We are a small Ragdoll breeding cattery based in Palm Beach Florida. We specialize in the following colors. Blue - Seal - Patterns are Point - Bicolor - Tortie and Lynx. We pride ourselves on producing big, bunny like, fluffy haired, beautiful blue eyed kittens. All our cats have free roam of the house. Obviously when our new kittens get big enough they too join in with their peers. The kittens enjoy plenty of socialization with our dog Mocha and our black cat Midnight who have a way of teaching them the social graces.We are constantly walking around our house holding one kitten or another and sometimes two at the same time.These kittens get plenty of loving from every member of our household and do not seem to have a problem when they go to their new homes to live.West Palm Beach, FL mail: [email protected] http://rags2dazzleragdolls.com

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