RACHAEL RAY NUTRISH Natural Dry Cat Food - Various Flavors

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Pros: Animal Protein that's affordable
Cons: Plant Protein included
My cat took a liking to RR Nutrish right away, in both dry flavors.  One advantage is the small size of the kibble.  As for the price, in my region this stuff is priced quite competitively and has been discounted twice in the six months since I adopted my cat.  One drawback; corn gluten.  It's confusing to decide whom to believe about the detriments of placing corn in cat food.  The giant Nestle Purina company excludes corn from some of their more expensive brands, like Purina Beyond and in some Pro Plan formulas, some of those Purina varieties include peas. oats, barley and brown rice.   Each of those is a carbohydrate, like corn.  I would like to believe that Purina's years of research confirm that corn isn't harmful to cat's health.  But we do know that cats can have difficulty digesting plant material, or metabolizing protein from plant sources.

The cat likes RR (the food, not the celebrity; haven't asked her about the celebrity) very much.  For the price, I would keep this stuff in the rotation, despite the corn gluten.