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Pros: Attractive, Sturdy, Cat Safe Materials, Infinitely Customizable and Washable
Cons: Pricey
As a long time cat caretaker, I've been thru my share of cat trees, climbers and assorted feline friendly furniture.  While I cannot claim experience with every brand, of those I have tried the models from Pussycat 4 Your Cat are my favorite.  We have three Pussycat climbers; a customized Magnus in the laundry room and smaller models in the dinning room and bedroom. My cats love them.  And I do too.  Here's why.

Build Quality

The Pussycat climbers are built like a tank. The Magnus runs floor to ceiling; a rotating mechanism in the top adjusts the height of the main sisal pole to firmly secure the unit in place.  All of the models, even the small ones, feature a large, heavy base; there is never any fear that a climber might topple over.  While I have never had a climber fall completely over, I did have one unit from another company that teetered when my cats jumped from it. I found the wobbling scary.  All of the climber components - the sisal poles, the sleepers, boxes, etc. are secured with heavy-duty bolts and endless screws.  These things are sturdy.  Mine are 5 years old and still look new.

Safety and Cleaning

All of the fabric and sisal are cat safe.  Pussycat does not use carpet remnants, which often contain formaldehyde.  The sisal rope employed is not oiled or otherwise treated. As an added bonus, the fabric components like the sleepers or hammocks are machine washable.  Though some disassembly is required for washing.


One of the key features that separates Pussycat from some other manufacturers is that the units are highly customizable.  Not just the fabric color, of which there are many choices but the units themselves.  Extra sisal poles, boxes, hampers and tents can be purchased to create a design that best suits your aesthetic and your cat's preferences.  The bases are pre-drilled with nine possible pole locations. I keep extra poles, boxes and sleepers on hand.  Every so often, I reconfigure the models to help sustain my cats' interest.  

I'm not sure how Pussycat operates now, but when I bought mine some years back, the owner was very flexible allowing me to swap out components at the time of purchase.  He was very quick to respond to email - always appreciated.

And now for some cons.


Ok.  The biggest downside to the Pussycat climbers is price; these things are expensive.  The "starter" models are priced a hair under $100, with the larger ones reaching well over $300.  That's a lot of cash for a climber.  That said, I feel the units represent good value because they hold up well over time, they are cat safe, and topple proof.

Catalog and Website

The website and product catalog are not friendly or inviting.  They don't offer photos of all of the models; just graphic representations, which can make it difficult to visualize how a specific climber might look in your home. I included a photo of my floor to ceiling model to give readers a better idea of the appearance. 

And the organization (or lack of it) of the catalog and website make it challenging to find and compare different models and different price points. If you are confused, give the owner a call or drop him an email.

Shifting Collar

One last nit.  The collar on my Magnus that hides the rotating mechanism at the very top of the sisal pole would not stay put when my cats climbed to the ceiling. I fixed the problem with a small screw.  Not a big deal, but worth mentioning.

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