Purring Angels Cattery - Largo, FL

Purring Angels Cattery

General Information

We breed, raise, love and spoil adorable little angels. Our kittens are always sweet, healthy, loving, unique, intelligent and happy.Our specialty is tiny teacup and toy sized cats. We breed the cutest Napoleons, Lambkins and Teacup Persians that some also call MiniPers and MiniPaws. We create very special small kittens with soft and silky low matting long coats, short little paws, pretty doll faces and wonderful sociable purrsonalities.We are a very small closed in home cattery located in Florida. Our cats are strictly indoor and they own the house. They are our family members and are loved and spoiled rotten.Largo, FLemail: [email protected] http://www.PurringAngelsCattery.com


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