Purizon Dry Cat Food - All Flavors


General Information

Purizon premium dry cat food consists of 70% meat & fish. Made to a unique recipe, this tasty cat food takes its inspiration from the natural, carnivorous diet of cats. Completely grain-free, Purizon uses top-quality fruit, vegetables and herbs. The careful and gentle preparation ensures vital nutrients are protected and helps to preserve the natural flavours.

Latest reviews

Pros: Good price, good ingredients, all animal protein
Cons: None
Just tried this recently, and Asha really likes it. I'd say that the Aatu beats it in the taste tests, but as this is half the price and just as good quality I'll definitely continue feeding it. I really like that (as far as I can tell) all the protein comes from animal sources too...something that's all too rare in dry food.


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