Purina Maxx Scoop Multi-Cat

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5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Clumps well, natural deodorizer, priced well
Cons: Discontinued
Why on earth did they stop making This? It worked really well plus had natural deodorizers unlike other litters with a scent. It was very popular as well.

The replacement tidy cat doesn't clumping as well and is noise a natural deodorizer. Really don't get why it was discontinued.
Pros: Cats like it
Cons: It Reeks at first, very strong, potent
Don't normally buy perfumed litter, they were OK with it, didn't last very long, other brands have lasted longer. Have even finer litter so found this closer to Real beach sand texture. Shows up on floor easily. (prefer pellets overall)
Pros: smells nice, controls odor, lasts a long time, on sale a lot, easy to store
Cons: clumps sometimes break apart
This is the only litter I've used, and I am pleased with it.

It has a nice smell, controls odor, and lasts a long time.  I never have to replace all the litter in the box, as removing clumps and adding more litter as needed works well.  I do dump all the litter out once a week to give the litter box a good cleaning. But then I put the same litter back in the litter box, along with a bit of new litter to freshen it up.

The clumps sometimes break apart, but as this is the only litter I've used, that may happen with all clumping litter.   And it would probably clump better if Ruby could learn to always cover her "deposits". 

The plastic containers are easy to carry and stack well for easy storing when I buy extras on sale. I keep a spare empty container to hold the litter scoop, and also to pour the litter into when I clean the litter box.

There may be better litters out there, but this one works for me, so I will likely stick with it.


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