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Purina FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement

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Animus, Inc.
  • Fortiflora FELINE by Purina, is a nutritional supplement that contains microencapsulated form of Enterococcus probiotic that is critical in managing cats with diarrhea or unhealthy stools - restores normal intestinal health and balance - also contains protein, vitamins, minerals - simply mix with food.
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    FortiFlora is recommended as a nutritional supplement
    It tastes great and can be easily sprinkled on a cat's food
    Animus, Inc.
    Animus, Inc.
    Animus, Inc.
    Animus, Inc.
    Purina Fortiflora Feline Nutritional Supplement Box, 30gm
    30 pouches
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    5 inches
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    4 inches
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    0.15 pounds
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    3 inches
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    2.2 inches
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    3.3 inches
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    0.15 pounds
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    2.9 inches
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User Comments

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  1. KatKnapper
    <This lad didn't care for it.  Might as well have been sawdust to him.  He did taste the powder sprinkled in a bowl, then walked away.  I shoved a capsule in a pill pocket, then rolled it in this stuff thinking there might be a chance he would eat it.  Good thing I don't play the lottery, as I would have lost big bucks.  Sniffed it and walked away.  Of course, he also has no interest or attraction to cat treats low and high end.
  2. crosbycat
    Yes, cats love the flavour but not sure it makes any difference
  3. mrsty
    You might find the website TruthAboutPetFood.com interesting to look at. What I used trying to boost my cats appetite is. Cat-man-doo Bonita flakes, Cat-man-doo Life Essentials freeze dried chicken, & Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers....no funny ingredients in any of them and really helps my cats' appetite. Also helped my sister convert her cat from dry to wet food.
  4. bootsandamy2
    I'll try it. My kitty with FLUTD isn't thrilled about any food when she's having issues because of it. My other cat will eat anything and is gaining weight while my little one isn't interested. 
  5. ginny
    BTW, I noticed the price above.  I don't know how many packets comes with a single order on Amazon,  but I paid $21.00 for 14 packets (2 week supply) at my vet's office.  
  6. ginny
    I started giving Gracie Forti-flora while she was on anti-biotics.  Her vet did not recommend it per se, but agreed to give me 14 day supplies when I asked for it.  She was on antibiotics for almost 3 months which did little to help her.  I believe the Forti-flora kept her from getting diarrhea and improved her immune response.  Orbax is broad-spectrum and she was on that for almost one month.  Then she was on Azithromycin for a while too.  She was always hungry and did not seem to mind the Forti-flora at all.  I can't tell if she liked it or not.  I also sprinkled it on the others food too sometimes.  They seemed to like it as well.  I sprinkled it on top first, then mixed it into their food with a fork.  I believe probiotics are beneficial for cats and humans too.  I take one daily as well as drink probiotics drinks like Kevita or Kombucha.  
  7. mscatmom
    Been giving my 2 a Probiotic Blend from the Only Natural Pet web site. They could not detect it in their wet food, and both of them are extremely finicky. I can't tell if it's really helping as my girl still has loose stools, but from what I have read and what others have said I believe it is a quality product. Reasonably priced as well. 
  8. maggie101
    Yes! FortiFlora to the rescue!My cat with ibd no longer goes dierrhea because of it.She gets a whole package.I am taking care of a mama cat and 4 kittens outside.I finally got to see her do a stool and it was dierrhea.She also was not nursing the kittens as much.Mama cat is much better now because of FortiFlora.I will have to buy it at Amazon-much cheaper.Thanks for letting me know!Soon to be adopted!
  9. jyoder
    I order from Dr. Foster's quite often, I'll check there.  It would be worth giving a try.  I like that it comes in a paste and capsule form.  Butter is great when pilling a cat.  I also try and dab some on their nose as I'm pilling them...that way they lick there nose and they automatically swallow. 
    Jill-E thanks for all the info!!
  10. jill-e
    Oh, I've just been reading a few threads here that others started on probiotics. There's much debate about the single probiotic in FortiFlora, which Purina has patented. That same probiotic is in Proviable, but it's probably not the one Purina patented, so not sure if there were studies done and where they'd been found. Studies need to be taken with a grain of salt though, as you have to know who paid for them. They are often subjective and messed with, when not done by independent labs.
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