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PureBites Cat Treats

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  1. IndyJones
    "Shrimp ones are her favorite"
    Pros - Cat loves them
    Cons - Pricy, not all cats like it
    Indy loves the shrimp version of this. The vet gave her a few and she loved them. I ended up getting a free half full bag because apparently they aren't always popular with cats.

    They are a bit pricey though since they need to be special ordered.
  2. pangurban
    "All of our cats love them."
    For chunks of unprocessed meat that is freeze dried the price isn't bad. All of our cats go nuts for these treats. I usually load up when they are on sale. When we get to the end of the treats I sprinkle the crumbled meat at the bottom of the bag on their wet food.
  3. ChaoticEva
    "Simple, yummy and only 1 ingredient!"
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - 1 Ingredient ; perfect for those cats who suffer with allergies
    Simple and natural
    Cons - Expensive
    Not much in the bag!
    I love this product and so do my cats. I love that it is only one ingredient and natural. I've even tried them out myself (not the liver ones though! :barfgreen:).
    The only thing is that they're a little pricey. So what I usually do is buy the dog formula. You have more in it, and it's a little cheaper!
  4. cassiopea
    "Tasty delight"
    Pros - Kitties enjoy it, easy to eat, pleasant and simple ingredients, very light
    Cons - Expensive, small quantity
    Really likable little snack! My kitty darlings fancy them highly. I wouldn't say they go bonkers for it compared to other treats they had and compared to the experience of other kitties, but they do enjoy it.

    U.S.A made overall, with other quick breakdowns:

    - Lamb from New Zealand
    - Chicken and most seafood is sourced from the U.S.A. Chicken jerky dried in Canada.
    - Shrimp is both from the U.S.A and India.
    - Their wet food is made in Thailand however, whether or not that is an issue.

    I do find it pricey for such a tiny amount that comes in a pack, especially the smallest size - at least for the cat options. Maybe might be alright if someone only has one cat, but more than that would barely get by. I wouldn't opt to get it all the time, but it is worthy enough for the occasional purchase for sure. 
  5. jackson76
    "Finicky or just a typical weird cat?"
    Purchase Date:
    May 8, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - my dog loves them! my daughters cat whom I bought them for gave them a good sniff and walked away.
    Cons - I think they are a great concept as treats go but the cat just was not interested.!
    [​IMG]"Jackson",  my daughters cat, will not eat any thing that has seafood in it. He tries to cover it up like it was poop. It is the funniest thing you ever saw. He will only eat chicken or beef wet or dry food. We have to read the labels very carefully..He is adopted from the humane center here so I do not know his background. Does any one else have a cat like that?
  6. ruthm
    "Wonerful Treat for all ages"
    Pros - Convenient, healthy, low fat low carbohydrate and low calorie, high protein snack loved by all ages
    I bought this for my diabetic kitty, she would sit through ear poking and shots just to get these treats. Best to buy the dog sized bag and cut into kitty size bites. my kittens love this as well; they come running when they hear the bag being shaken.
  7. jolie0216
    "Irresistible to cats!!"
    Pros - Chicken = only ingredient
    Cons - kinda expensive
    I think these PureBites treats are irresistible to every single cat!  I have one cat who has never been interested in ANY brand of cat treat - from the crappy grocery-store Pounce treats to the expensive Orijen freeze-dried treats.  All my other cats love pretty much every kind of treat, but this one particular cat never ate a treat until I introduced him to PureBites.  Now, this cat will bulldoze the other cats out of his way to steal their PureBites away!

    I love that the only ingredient is chicken - this is simply freeze-dried raw chicken (it is a raw food).  No other additives, just chicken.  So this is a treat you can feel good about feeding your cats - it's healthy!  

    The PureBites treat bags for cats run pretty expensive - but you can save a lot if you get the big 12oz bags meant for dogs.  It's the exact same treat, just in bigger pieces so you'll need to break up the bigger pieces for your cat.  But, there have been times where I've forgotten to break up the big pieces and my cats don't have any problem eating them.  

    These are also very useful if you're trying to transition your cat from kibble to wet food - just crumble a few PureBites on top of the canned food, and your cat will happily eat it all up.  

    In summary, I think these are the healthiest treats on the market and cats go nuts for them!  They are kind of expensive, but they are sourced & manufactured in the USA, and USDA inspected & approved.  I'm totally willing to pay more for that!
  8. bonepicker
    "One huge dog bag good for cats and dogs"
    Pros - One test for all, no additives, just chicken
    Cons - Goes quickly, buy dog bags for $23
    Everyone comes running when they hear the bag , great crumbled on food when they won't eat!
  9. snugglecat
    "Peaches loves it!"
    Purchase Date:
    Feb 10, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Cats love it
    Cons - Expensive
    Peaches is just over 7 years old and I have never found a treat she would eat. I bought these for my feral cats and like I always do I offer one to Peaches. She ate this so fast and was looking for more. The feral cats loved it so much. they were all in my face trying to get the treats.
  10. 2cats4me
    "My cats love the chicken treats"
    Pros - Just Chicken
    Cons - They can get expensive ..
    My cats think these freeze dried chicken treats are  THE BOMB  !..
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