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Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

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Precious Cat
  1. Mango the Maine Coon
    "Great product"
    Pros - Larger granules work well in my sifting litterbox
    Cons - As with all clay litters, there is some dust.
    Mango’s been on this litter for his whole life, aside from before he was adopted @9weeks. This litter is long lasting, can be used for 3-4 weeks before doing a full litterbox clean and change. Relatively low amount of dust for a clay litter. As others have stated, go for the bag not the box. The box leaks litter and is very frustrating. I believe for a short time this litter was sold for a very low price($10.49 for the 40lb bag) until it made the top selling cat litter list on amazon and then the price was raised to be similar with the competition. I’m not a fan of this tactic because my cat was accustomed to the litter and I simply took the price hit because I didn’t want to put him through switching litters as a young kitten that just got home. However I did enjoy the amazing price while it lasted and the price is still not tooo bad.
  2. Mystikal kitten
    "Amazing and remarkable"
    Purchase Date:
    Jun 26, 2017
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Controls odor, no tracking, #1 for multi cat household
    Cons - Buy online
    Out of all the cat litter I tried this one works, folks!!!!
    Sure it's on the expensive side but well worth every penny, nickel and dime spent on it. I'll definitely get this litter again!!!
    I have 3 cats who presently reside in my household so I'm cleaning their potty box every day but even if I let it go for a couple of days this litter keeps the odor away.
  3. kirathecat
    "Probably the best clay litter"
    Pros - Low dust, unscented, clumps well
    Cons - tracking
    When i adopted my cat It was the first litter I tried based on so many positive reviews. And it is really good. However, at first i had some issues with its clumping abilities, though now I know it had more to do with my kitty's habit to dig RIGHT at the spot he just used and using litter scoop that was poorly designed. Better scoop picks up those tiny pieces no problem and the box stays cleaner longer.

    If your kitty is anything like mine and likes to dig in his box like a crazy miner looking for gems the clumps will break apart a little or a lot, litter is not made of cement after all :)

    Both me and my cat are grateful that this litter has absolutely no scent which is a rarity these days. I tried several other litters when trying to find a better clumping one (no luck, nothing can withstand my kitty's digging habit) and some were scented and kitty would use his litter box less frequently, probably due to scent. I could tell, my cat was glad when we went back to this litter. It's the only litter that he likes to play with when I present him with clean litter box with fresh litter :) I also never see any litter dust on my black cat, which is saying a lot considering how vigorously he digs in his litter box.

    The tracking is significant with this litter due to the shape and size of the granules but all the pros far outweigh this little issue. As long as Mr. Kitty is happy I'm ok with vacuuming litter every day :)
  4. sabrinah
    "Overall Great Litter"
    Pros - no dust
    Cons - tracking, odor
    This litter has fairly strong clumps, which is saying something because my cat always pees in the same spot and the litter is never allowed to dry. There is absolutely no dust  even if the litter is poured from a standing position. It does track quite a bit and doesn't completely eliminate smell, but no litter has ever been able to cover the smell of my cat's urine. Mixing in a bit of Arm & Hammer Double Duty Litter Deodorizer every few days fixes the smell problem. 
  5. grooverite
    "Great cat litter!"
    Pros - Hardly any dust
    Cons - Tracks
    I was looking for new cat litter when I moved last year because I noticed while I was moving that I had FINE DUST EVERYWHERE in that apartment. When I passed a finger and sniffed it, it was the Fresh Step litter smell ON TOP OF MY BUREAU!!!! Fresh Step dust was EVERYWHERE, even the ceiling had dust! Stay away from Fresh Step, God only knows how bad that FINE DUST is for your lungs! This precious cat litter is awesome because NO DUST! It does however track which I have to sweep on a daily basis but otherwise its great!
  6. ruaryx
    "Good for my cat with allergies"
    Pros - Clumps well, Hypoallergenic
    Cons - Tracks, doesn't control odor
    I switched to this when one of my cats started displaying symptoms of an allergic reaction to something.  We didn't know what it was but it couldn't hurt to switch to unscented litter.  I used Tidy Cats for years and really liked the way it clumped.  Precious Cat clumps just as well!  I do notice that the litter boxes smell a little more since they're not being overwhelmed by the fragrance of the litter, but it's not bad at all.  They do track the same amount as Tidy Cat.  I get these delivered to my door from Amazon.   
  7. lemondrop
    "Great Litter"
    Pros - Not dusty, clumps well
    Cons - Tracking
    I'm very satisfied with this litter. There's no scent to it and it has minimal dust. It clumps very well and is easy to scoop. The clumps stay clumped, even if I miss a day of scooping; they don't break apart. It does track a bit, but what clay litter doesn't?
  8. NewYork1303
    "Hated this Litter, It Smelled Bad Quickly And Clumped Poorly"
    Cons - clumps fall apart, smells bad very quickly
    I had to try this litter since it had so many good reviews. I was extremely disappointed with it. I am used to using much finer litter with my cats and did not like this stuff at all. It was not as fine as expected. On top of that it was way dustier than the litter we used before. I was looking forward to less dust so this was disappointing. I at least expected it to last a few weeks without being completely cleaned out. However, since the clumps fall apart they don't get completely scooped making it so that the litter starts to smell after a few weeks even with the clumps being scooped each day. I ended up giving up on this litter and going back to the old litter. It may not be as cheap, but it works way better.
  9. misterwhiskers
    "Best litter I've ever used"
    Pros - Clumps hard, great odor control, scoops very easily
    Cons - None
    I just switched to Dr Elseys litter in the blue bag. I let it sit for 2 days to get an "honest" review of odor control, and was very happy. I also use Fresh and Light. Compared to FnL, Dr Elseys odor control is far superior. Urine clumps stayed together...no little pieces of urine-soaked litter to ruin the rest of the litter. For unscented, odor control is more than adequate.

    I bought the 40 lb bag on Amazon. Total price per pound comparable to Fresh and Light.

    I highly recommend.

    By the way--- zero dust.
  10. juliacat
    "This is the only litter I will use"
    Pros - Clumps HARD, sanitary, cats like it
    Cons - Expensive, heavy
    I discovered this litter years ago when I had a cat who was incontinent due to kidney disease, and would only use the litter box occasionally. This litter attracted her and helped her use the litter box more often, which was a sanity saver for me. After she died, I was petless for several years, and when I finally got cats again, I went back and bought this litter because I vaguely remembered having liked it. As soon as I scooped for the first time, I remembered why! It clumps HARD, making the litter box much more sanitary, and the cats never miss. Although it's expensive by the bag, it's actually not as expensive as it looks, because it clumps so hard that you have to empty the whole box much less often, so you don't have to buy nearly as much, so it works out financially. I will not use any other brand of litter but this one!
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