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A unique formulation that combines heavy non tracking granules with medium grain clay. The result is an excellent clumping litter that prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter box, while providing a clump that will not break apart. Ultra is purfect for multi-cat familes and cat owners with sifting or mechanical litter boxes and it controls odor naturaly without perfume, deodorants or chemicals.


Precious Cat
Superior odor control
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Precious Cat
Precious Cat
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Precious Cat
Precious Cat
Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter, 18 pound bag
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Natural Clay.
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Natural Clay.

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Pros: Larger granules work well in my sifting litterbox
Cons: As with all clay litters, there is some dust.
Mango’s been on this litter for his whole life, aside from before he was adopted @9weeks. This litter is long lasting, can be used for 3-4 weeks before doing a full litterbox clean and change. Relatively low amount of dust for a clay litter. As others have stated, go for the bag not the box. The box leaks litter and is very frustrating. I believe for a short time this litter was sold for a very low price($10.49 for the 40lb bag) until it made the top selling cat litter list on amazon and then the price was raised to be similar with the competition. I’m not a fan of this tactic because my cat was accustomed to the litter and I simply took the price hit because I didn’t want to put him through switching litters as a young kitten that just got home. However I did enjoy the amazing price while it lasted and the price is still not tooo bad.
5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: Controls odor, no tracking, #1 for multi cat household
Cons: Buy online
Out of all the cat litter I tried this one works, folks!!!!
Sure it's on the expensive side but well worth every penny, nickel and dime spent on it. I'll definitely get this litter again!!!
I have 3 cats who presently reside in my household so I'm cleaning their potty box every day but even if I let it go for a couple of days this litter keeps the odor away.
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Low dust, unscented, clumps well
Cons: tracking
When i adopted my cat It was the first litter I tried based on so many positive reviews. And it is really good. However, at first i had some issues with its clumping abilities, though now I know it had more to do with my kitty's habit to dig RIGHT at the spot he just used and using litter scoop that was poorly designed. Better scoop picks up those tiny pieces no problem and the box stays cleaner longer.

If your kitty is anything like mine and likes to dig in his box like a crazy miner looking for gems the clumps will break apart a little or a lot, litter is not made of cement after all :)

Both me and my cat are grateful that this litter has absolutely no scent which is a rarity these days. I tried several other litters when trying to find a better clumping one (no luck, nothing can withstand my kitty's digging habit) and some were scented and kitty would use his litter box less frequently, probably due to scent. I could tell, my cat was glad when we went back to this litter. It's the only litter that he likes to play with when I present him with clean litter box with fresh litter :) I also never see any litter dust on my black cat, which is saying a lot considering how vigorously he digs in his litter box.

The tracking is significant with this litter due to the shape and size of the granules but all the pros far outweigh this little issue. As long as Mr. Kitty is happy I'm ok with vacuuming litter every day :)


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I thought clay litter was bad.  Has the formulation changed?  Article from Green Kitty:
Bad kitty litter, bad!We love our cats but that kitty litter has got to go! Not only is clumping litter leaving a huge carbon footprint, it's also bad for our feline friends. Clumping is bad for the health... The main culprit is sodium bentonite, a natural clay ingredient that expands into a hard mass when it comes into contact with moisture. While this is convenient for cleaning, it's not great for kitty. Cats inhale fine sodium bentonite particles when they dig in the litter. Once inhaled, the clay expands when it hits their lungs, causing asthma and other lung problems. Cats can also ingest the clay while cleaning their paws and some even develop sores on their pads from it. Silica-based litters are not much better. This porous granular form of sodium silicate absorbs odours and moisture but is also easily inhaled by humans and felines. It's been linked to lung cancer, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Some cats can end up with a fatal form of pulmonary tuberculosis called silico-tuberculosis. ...and bad for the planet Both these conventional litters have an adverse effect on the environment. Produced by the destructive method of strip-mining, clay and silica litter can't decompose any further because they are already in their natural state. When you consider that we send about two million tons of cat litter every year to the landfill that adds up to a lot of fecal feline matter hanging around.
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tjcarst and I had a good PM convo about the controversy of clay litter. I just wanted to post what a friend recently said about clay litter:
"I think you just need to use common sense when it comes to litter. Never use a clay clumping litter with a kitten until you're sure they're past the stage of sticking their nose in it or walking in it with wet paws etc. If your cat has respiratory issues then use something dust free. If your dog treats the litter box as an appetizer tray then don't use clumping litter.
In addition to being on this forum for 6 years, I have many friends and acquaintances with cats, as well as the customers that come in my store...I have never heard of a blockage caused by an adult cat licking clay litter dust off their paws. In general there are very few cats with respiratory issues, if the litter was a major contributing factor there would have been a sharp increase in the number of cats experiencing problems since these litters have been introduced.
You'll have much more impact on your cat's health if you spend your time and money on a good food and not being overly concerned about litter."
I also tried this litter several months ago and liked it. Stopped buying it for some reason, maybe a price increase or maybe the hard to handle weight. Have just purchased it once again so will do a follow-up review later on. With 12 cats we go thru a lot of litter...especially when one slings it as far as it can fly. :)
I love this litter! I have been using it for 4 years now. We have tried a few other kinds, the corn based, the walnut shell, regular clumping litter, but Precious Cats is the best by far. It clumps so well, which helps with the order. Yes, It does stink after a poopy, but that is only natural. For one cat, I can keep the same litter, adding to it for 3 weeks before I have to change the litter box. It is well worth the money.. love it.. will not switch. Dust is at a minimum compared with other litters. Tracking is not bad either.. 
I am now wondering if they changed the formula or something, b/c the other posters here seem to say that not only does it clump but it clumps WELL....and they wrote their reviews a few months before mine.  Hmmmm....maybe I got a bad batch?  Not sure. 
Buy the Genie Wipes in the pet section. They are awesome for cleaning the litter scoop. Mine is hard plastic. I have had it for years