Precious Cat Respiratory Releif Clay Premium all Natual Cat Litter with Herbal Essences

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Precious Cat

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Multi-Cat Formula all natural hypo-allergenic controls stress naturaly with a natural Herbal Essences and low Dust


Precious Cat
Hard Clumping
Super Low Dust
Use in Mechanical litter boxes
Precious Cat
Precious Cat
Precious Cat
Precious Cat
Precious Cat Respiratory Releif Clay Premium all Natual Cat Litter with Herbal Essences
20-lb bag
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Item Height
8 inches
Item Length
8 inches
Item Weight
20 pounds
Item Width
8 inches
Package Height
5.9 inches
Package Length
12 inches
Package Weight
20.35 pounds
Package Width
9.3 inches
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Latest reviews

Pros: no smell, clumps nice
Cons: dusty
I don't know what the deal is with this brand, SO many people love it & say there is no dust. Every time I use a product, there is a light dusting on my clothes or anything else that is near the box. I don't understand how people could not notice it.

I've run into some breathing issues & am searching for a low/no dust litter as the box is in the bedroom that I sleep in. I opened this box & poured it in, I always try to stand above it to see if I see a cloud coming out of the box at the end of the pour. nothing. It was the consistency of Johnny Cat, remember that one? Larger sized pieces of clay, not sand like, more like gravel. I go to sleep & when the cats scratched around, I could smell the dust in the air. The next day I was walking around & noticed my black cat had something on her, I went over to her & she had dust all over her paws & on top of her head (???). I wiped her down & realized she used the potty earlier. Great. I really don't want my cats to be licking this stuff.

I won't be buying it again. Try it for yourself if you want to see how it does.
Pros: Not dusty at all so I don't have to hold my breath when scooping! No smell either!
Cons: None really...just wish it was cheaper.
The Respiratory Relief doesn't seem like my kitty baby's favorite litter so far (out of 3) but it's mine! The other 3 were cheap, but very dusty and I couldn't stand the heavy perfume smell of the Arm & Hammer Multi-cat one. I've paid $13.02 (Amazon right now) to $15.99 + tax (store) for these boxes. I'll keep buying Respiratory Relief, especially since I just looked up the price for World's Best, which is apparently dusty for some people? Compared to the cost of World's Best, Respiratory Relief Also, there is a nice rebate so that the first box is free! ^_^

I read another review and it is true that this R.R. is harder to scoop than the dusty cat litters, but I won't count that as a con because this cat litter is probably not dusty by comparison because the pieces are much larger. I currently still have 2 large litter pans out with mostly dusty, cheap cat litter mixed with a little R.R. and 2 large litter pans filled with only R.R. and the difference between scooping them is like night & day! The old dusty, cheap cat litter sends up plumes of dust that make me wish I had held my breath, which I can't do for long, while I can breathe when scooping the R.R. litter pans. I'm glad I have them both going on so I know not to skimp on cat litter and to keep buying the R.R. Even though it's not my cat's favorite, at least plumes of dust are not going in to her lungs through her delicate, cute, little nose when she's using the R.R.! This'll reduce greatly the chance of her having a respiratory illness later on.
3.00 star(s)
Pros: Cheaper. Low dust when pouring. Odor control is excellent.
Cons: Heavy. Hard to clean. Cats got dusty. Goes very quickly.
It's very heavy. A small bag for 20LB. I poured about 2 to 3 inches in a large litter box. My cats mostly eat canned and raw food with added water, so they pee a lot, and a clump is rather large, but somehow it's larger with this litter. One bag went very quickly because of that. I didn't like that clumps don't stay clumped and break up, and many of them are not round but more like iceberg shape getting stuck on the litter box which is very sticky and hard to clean. Also, my cats' fur got grimy, and I don't think it helped their respiratory problems. It got less dust when pouring compared to other clumping clay litters, but I usually use Yesterday's News and recently found Smart Cat litter, and I can see that my cats are more uncomfortable with Precious Cat litter. Positive side is that this litter is nearly odorless. I don't think I'll use this litter again.  


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