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Pleasant Pond Bengals - Ridge, NY

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Pleasant Pond Bengals

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  1. auntiev
    I would love to have a Bengal cat! I adopted a cat several years ago that was half Bengal, or at least was claimed to be.  I think they were right because he was the most craziest kitten and cat that I have ever owned! He used to jump on my boyfriends back when he wasn't looking and one night, I was bent over getting something out of the fridge and I had my hair up in two balls on top of my head, say, minnie mouse style? Anyways, I was shocked when he jumped on top of my head unexexpectantly.  I wish to heck someone would have snapped a pic.  Him, sitting on top of my head, holding on to my 'minnie mouse ears' for dear life,  as I stood up with a very suprised look on my face. Also, he would open the cabinet doors on my RV, using the handles... and he would walk on a leash just like a dog! What a cat he was! I sure miss my kittie, Boy!
  2. segelkatt
    Unless you are planning on showing the kittens I don't see the point of paying this much for a kitten. There are plenty of kittens equally beautiful available at shelters and they won't be sick if you get them from a good shelter where they will check them out to make sure they are healthy and the cost will be a few hundred dollars at the most, not $1,000 or more. You will also save another kitten's life. 
  3. barbarag42
    You were generous to give 2.5 stars after all you've been through. I too had a harrowing experience with a breeder, not this one but the original kitten I purchased died from FIP. Then came the challenge of getting a replacement. The replacement took 6 1/2 months to happen and then I did not get what I really wanted. The breeder gave me a boy, and a litter mate that had been adopted by his mother because her mother couldn't feed her. When I got the go ahead to pick up  the boy the breeder showed the little girl to me (I'd seen them both before) and told me I could take her too which I did.
    The outcome of all this is I had not one but 2 very sick kittens. The little girl had diarrhea so bad my husband and I were up all night washing her bottom and cleaning poo off the furniture, floors and window sills. Of course this meant numerous trips to the vets and both the kittens had giardia, ear mites, and herpes. They are now 7 months old and I think they are about as healthy as they're going to get. I'm grateful for them but if someone asked me to rate the breeder I don't think in all honesty I could give a high rate. although her cattery isn't a kitten mill by any stretch of the imagination I do think she's got a lot of issues and shouldn't be selling kittens until she gets rid of the various intestinal problems she's got.
    The purchase of a pedigree kitten today is very questionable, and although there are good breeders out there, they are difficult to find.  I would say to anyone asking my opinion DO NOT GO TO A BREEDER THAT DOESN'T SHOW THEIR CATS. If they show their cats then they have a financial investment in their breeding program and you are more likely to get a quality kitten worth the money you spend.
  4. jster225
    I also have a review on here http://www.thecatsite.com/products/pleasant-pond-bengals-ridge-ny. I reported her to the SPCA Long Island organization for animal abuse and the better business bureau.
    I'm suing her at a small claims court, date is set n mid august - anyone that wants to collaborate is welcome to join. Although this is a civil court, her actions are definitely criminal and serious because not only is this animal abuse, but she is knowingly making people sick (all the diseases these kittens come with were super contagious!) I'd really like to see her crazy self locked up for all this. 
    You're actually lucky yours didn't come with diarrhea, because mine still has chronic diarrhea after 2 months. The vets are not sure what it is either and as you can imagine, that has driven up bills a crazy amount
  5. deis1
  6. deis1
    I bought a kitten from Karen in October of last year and he had Ringworm too.  She's the scummiest person I think I've ever met.  Never returned my calls, texts, emails... I reported her to the attorney general's office.  Please do the same! 
  7. jster225
  8. barbarag42
    I would like to comment on your bad experience and hopefully give you some encouragement. First of all, I have learned through my experience with breeders (I've purchased 5 kittens from breeders) that the possibility of purchasing a sick kitten is pretty high. Of the 5 kittens I've purchased I've lost 2 kittens. Looking back on my past experience the first and second kittens I've purchased were from show cats and the cattery were small, and in the home. My kittens were darling and had no health issues. The 3rd kitten I purchased was from a cattery where the lady had cages in the family room. I only saw the place twice, once when I picked out the kitten and again to pick up the kitten.  This was because she lived about 150 miles from me. No health issues were discussed but when I picked up the kitten she gave me the little guys grandmother and commented that there were no congenital heart issues with her cats. My little boy was a wonderful cat, he was never a problem or destructive, actually he was very quiet but....... On his 3rd birthday (he'd been lethargic for a couple of weeks) I had an appointment to find out what was bothering him. He was a Main Coon and big so it was a struggle getting him into the car. Anyway on the way to the vet he died. I was devastated!! I had the vet do an autopsy on him and it turned out he had congenital heart failure and even with medication he wouldn't have lived beyond his third birthday. That said, my next experience was to purchase a retired Bengal queen. She was 3 years old and she pick us. She was healthy, raised in a home and bred once. She is still with us and we love her dearly. My final experience and this will be my last. I purchased a Pixie Bob from a breeder in my area. I was impressed with the fact she has huge chain link outdoor cages for her queens and studs and she apparently keeps her nursing moms and kittens inside. But... My first kitten came to me with FIP and died. The breeder was ethical and replaced her but I couldn't get another one like her because the breeder was changing up the genetics. The replacement kitten came with another kitten whose mother couldn't nurse her and she was adopted into the same litter as my boy. These two kittens came to me with Giardia, the boy had been wormed but she hadn't. Needless to say the Giardia spread to my senior cat and the boy. All three had diarrhea and I've been treating them since the 12th of May, we are on the home stretch now, all seem to be doing well and the kittens are thriving. As for the diseases and issues of breeders I think you'll find these same issues is rescue facilities too.  It seems that when you have too many cats in one place the chances of parasites and disease increases. In my case the breeder housed her adults outside which is a cool idea until you consider they probably picked up the parasites from the outdoors. The breeders I purchased my healthy kittens from were people that had shown their cats and invested time, money...
  9. red top rescue
  10. kurdis
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