Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain Raindrop Design

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Pros: stainelss steel; inexpensive; works well; has a filter; my cat likes it... a lot
Cons: filter repalcement is a bit of a chore and cost; you still have to clean it; the motor needs clenaing every few months; needs topping off fairly often
I highly recommend this fountain for any and all cat owners.  it is inexpensive, attractive, works well, and cats (or at least mine) love it. 

A few pro tips with it:

-if your cat bites the cord, use a product called, "Split Loom Tubing Wire Conduit" to cover the wires ( works on any wire, not jut this one)

-use purified water, your cat will thank you (I know it has a filter and that helps, but starting with purified will reduce maintenance and make your cat happy.)

-if the motor stops, you can take it apart and clean the impeller out (they have a video on the pioneer pet site), and that will usually fix it. It happened to me once, and a quick cleaning did, indeed fix it.

-if it makes weird sounds, top the water off
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Pros: Aluminum rather than plastic, relatively easy to clean
Cons: pump requires frequent cleaning
Like most cats, mine prefer running water over still.  I've been thru several brands and models of fountains.  While the Pioneer isn't quite perfect, I prefer it to the Drinkwell fountain I started with over a decade ago.  I don't know if it is true, but I've heard that metal is preferable to plastic.  What I do know is that the metal fountains are much easier to clean.  No matter how much I scrubbed the Drinkwell, the plastic always felt a bit slimy.  Archie and Lucy, love the Pioneer.

For the most part the fountain is easy to clean.  My one nit, is that the pump tends to clog. I take the pump apart every week and soak the motor (and the fountain base) in water with a few drops of bleach.  Then scrub all of the little parts with a brush.  While cleaning the pump is a hassle, it helps the fountain maintain a vibrant stream of water.

About the noise.  When the the lid isn't positioned just so, the unit does produce some vibration hum.  Placing the fountain on a rubber mat helps.  Also, repositioning the lid usually eliminates the hum.

One last comment, Pioneer also makes a ceramic model.  That's the model I first tried.  While I liked the design, mine cracked after only a few months of use.  Hence the change to the metal one.
Pros: Easy set up, easy to clean, and easy to fill/maintain, no super long transition period
Cons: Not as quiet as you'd think
I own the 60oz (smaller one), which is great for my one, rather large, cat. If you have two cats, I recommend the 90 or 120 oz versions.

I keep the water level constant, and change the water completely every week. What I really like about this is that I can add ice cubes in the main drinking area, and it'll help keep the water cool during hot days. The cord is nice and long, and I have it set up in a corner of my kitchen, near my cat's food bowl. As far as my comment about the noise, it really isn't that noisy, but it isn't totally silent, either. It's more like a consistent quiet murmur, which will grow louder as the water is depleted from the unit. Kind of like the hum of an A/C unit on low (Thrmmmmmmm, is the closest I could possibly sound it out). It's actually quite soothing to listen to, if you need "white noise" like I do, for sleep.

It took my cat about a week of it being turned off and on before he would drink from it while the motor was running, but it's been a good investment so far! I like the stainless steel, because it's easy to clean and keep germ free. I'm always wary about ceramics, mostly because they can become porous over time, but that's just me :)
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Pros: Not tippy, holds a lot of water, filter re-fillable.
Cons: Vibration can be noisy at times.
I looked at a lot of fountains and ended up picking the 96oz version of this one in stainless steel. I opted to not get the ceramic because it could be easily chipped while washing. In the past I also had a black ceramic tabletop decorative fountain and the evaporation of the water left a white ring that was very obvious on the black and a pain to clean off. Since I have three cats and a small dog I opted for this mid-sized one. I planned to change the water every day or two and thought the next largest size would be unnecessary.

I have had it for two months now and it is working really well. I change the water frequently and rinse the pump and filter out well at every change. The filter cartridge can be carefully pried open and refilled with fresh carbon and some plain poly-filter pads as mentioned in the Amazon reviews. I haven't had to do that yet since the filter is suspiciously clean looking with no odor still. Perhaps my critters aren't using the fountain as much as I had hoped?

I still have other water dishes and I have seen the cats drink out of all of them with no real preference for the fountain that I can tell. Haven't seen the dog use the fountain, but he is pushing 15, so pretty set in his ways! My one cat Tubs really enjoys drowning his toy mice in all the water dishes, which is the only time the water looks really yucky.

I set the fountain on a mat over the laminate floors, which helps dampen the vibration noise. The noise level can vary a lot when things are shifted a minuscule amount, as anyone with aquariums with power filters can tell you. Just wiggling things a little or restarting the pump often will quiet it.
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Pros: Easy to clean
Cons: No reservoir for additional water
I just bought this fountain and set it up today. It's very light. I'm not crazy about the stainless steel, but the store didn't have it in ceramic.

There aren't many pieces to it, and it's easy to assemble. No nooks and crannies to worry about when cleaning.   Very quiet when in use.
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Pros: stainless, attractive
Cons: filter not as easy to replace as other units
I use this fountain in my office at work. I have one cat that comes in one a week with me and he drinks out of this.  I wanted the stainless because it will harbor less bacteria than a plastic one.  I've had it about 6 months with no issues. My cat likes to play in it and I think he prefers drinking out of his wider, plastic Petmate fountain we have at home. I like it in my office however and it makes a noise like a real fountain which I enjoy.  
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Pros: big enough for multiple cats, keeps water cold, easy to clean - only three parts, runs quietly, cats drink out of it a lot
Cons: nothing!
I couldn't find the Big Max on this review site, so I'm putting my review with the Raindrop design.

After using other cat fountains, like the Drinkwell and Petmate line of water fountains, I turned to the Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel water fountain. They absolutely loved it! They love the water bubbling up from the pump and licking the side where the water flows. They also drink from the bowl. The stainless steel keeps the water cold, which is nice. Before I had plastic ones and kept putting ice in the bowl. It's easy to clean - there are only three parts: the basin, the top part, and the filter/pump. There is no slime like the Drinkwell 360. It is very quiet; I hardly notice it's here! The fountain itself is actually pretty big, bigger than the Raindrop design. It's a nice size for three cats. There are also instructions on how to clean the pump on YouTube.

My cat has a history of urinary obstructions, so this water fountain was the best pick for his health. He drinks out of it all the time, which is very important to flush out the crystals in his bladder.

Bottom line, get this!
Pros: sooo easy to clean, extremely quiet, cats LOVE it, comes in metal and ceramic (same price)
Cons: none
I bought this fountain a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! It is beyond easy to clean, and my cats like it way more than the basic plastic Drinkwell fountain I had before. I catch both of them drinking from it almost every day, and only one of my cats would drink from the Drinkwell. I have to refill it every other day because of how much it increased my cats' water intake. Cleaning is easy as there's a top metal piece, the bottom metal bowl, and the pump itself; that's it. No small parts like the Drinkwell had, and no tricky crevasses to reach into. Wow, looking back, that Drinkwell is a really awful design from an upkeep viewpoint.

It's also really quiet. I can't hear it from more than 5 feet away in a quiet apartment. I like the "water slide" design this one employs more than a stream of water, and my cats seem to like that this one doesn't disturb the water in the bowl as much as the stream from the old Drinwkell did. My cats aren't fans of getting wet, and I think they were always wary of the other fountain.

Oh, you can also get the ceramic for the same price, if you like that better. I was hesitant because I have chipped a couple food bowls while cleaning them, and I know you open up the surface to bacteria when you chip ceramic, so I wanted something more resilient. The metal one is lighter, I hear, but it hasn't been a problem with my two 13 lb cats jockeying for position. If you keep it properly filled, it's more than sturdy enough.

It was $40 on amazon, and a 3-pack of replacement filters was $8. I'd say it was a steal, and I highly recommend it if you're looking for a metal or ceramic fountain without breaking the bank.
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Pros: Very easy to clean, beautiful design, large capacity stainless steel bowl, quiet, my cats LOVE it!
Cons: None
I love this fountain!  It holds a lot of water, I seldom have to add water more than once per day.  There are absolutely no nooks nor crannies in the stainless steel bowl or cover, so cleaning is a breeze.  It's a beautifully designed, quiet fountain that would look great in most any setting.

But the best testimonial of all are my 3 kitties, who all give it a definite paws up!