Pioneer Fountain Big Max- Stainless Steel

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Pros: easy to clean
Cons: Water was warm
Cats didn't like it
I have had several fountains and thought this was a great design. However, the cats wouldn't drink out of it. As mentioned above, the water was warm. But by design, the water doesn't cascade anywhere, and that's the part my cats love. I replaced it with a Drinkwell Pagoda and they adore it.
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Pros: fresh running water
Cons: not large enough for my cats
My only complaint about this product is that it is not large enough. I run a rescue. I have a long term foster who loves running water. Anytime any water is turned on, she comes running and drinks & drinks until I fear she will waterlog herself. i bought one of these for her. She loved it but so do all the other kitties. I average 10-12 cats in foster care with me personally and they drink 3-96 ounce stainless bowls a day. After a couple of days I had to take away this product because it was working me to death trying to keep water in it. I would love one that has a 5 gallon reservoir. I probably couldnt afford it but that is what I would need for our purrs.
Pros: big; stainelss steel; works well; my cat likes it; sturdy
Cons: filter repalcement is a bit of a chore and cost; you still have to clean it; a little heavy when full
I highly recommend this fountain, especially if you have multiple cats.  it is attractive, works well, and cats (or at least mine) love it.  if you have only a single cat, you may prefer the smaller pioneer pet raindrop fountain ( which is only half the cost) to this one, but both are excellent.

A few pro tips with it:

-if your cat bites the cord, use a product called, "Split Loom Tubing Wire Conduit" to cover the wires ( works on any wire, not jut this one)

-use purified water, your cat will thank you (I know it has a filter and that helps, but starting with purified will reduce maintenance and make your cat happy.)

-if the motor stops, you can take it apart and clean the impeller out (they have a video on the pioneer pet site), and that will usually fix it. It happened to me once, and a quick cleaning did, indeed fix it.

-if it makes weird sounds, top the water off
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Pros: Well-made, durable materials, and easy to clean
Cons: None
The Pioneer Fountain Big Max replaced a plastic fountain with a smaller water capacity and which stood higher off the floor.  Angel likes being able to sit to drink and I like not having to refill the this fountain as often.

Also like the stainless steel bowl which does not absorb odors from the food that Angel accidentally drops in the water at meal times.
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Pros: Stainless steel super easy to clean
Cons: arent any
:lol3:In the past I have owned the plastic drinkwell fountains which were okay except when U had to clean them, it became a chore. Well not with this fountain !!! Super easy to take apart and no special brushes needed. Since I have several cats, I have one in one room and two in another room,but they are the drinwell platinum which is much better than the older drinkwell fountain. All in all I will purchase another one of these since my cats like to paw at the water when i put ice cubes in it. They like to paw and lick their cute little feet.:lol3:
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Pros: easy to clean, quiet, large capacity
Cons: none
I bought this after returning the Drinkwell platinum because it had so many parts to clean. this is much easier to clean, holds a lot of water and is super quiet. the cats and dog like it!
Pros: Quiet, motor works well, cats like it, easy to clean
Cons: None
I had plastic fountains but wanted to switch them out for stainless steel.  I saw that another member of TCS had bought the Pioneer for her cats and decided to try it.  I LOVE these fountains.  One of the things I disliked about the plastic ones was the noise, so I was delighted to discover how quiet the Pioneer is.  No sound at all--the motor's quiet and the water flows over the stainless steel into the lower bowl without splashing or making noise.  

It's also easy to take apart and clean.  

It's large and holds a good amount of water (about 4 quarts I think) which is great--four cats share one in one room and three cats share one in another.  The kitties didn't have any problems getting used to it--they all seven use them.

There were a few reviews on about the motors going out quickly on these fountains--I've had it only a month and no problems so far.  I'll update in a couple of months!