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Who is Pidan?
Pidan Studio is a company that designs products for cats only. With 11 devoted cat loving designers, Pidan is committed and devoted to developing purrfect products that both cats and their owners will love.

The Origin
- Ma, Pidan Studio Founder and his family member “Pidan”
November 29, 2013 - A Bombay cat was introduced to Ma's life. He named him “Pidan”. As a first-time cat owner, Ma didn’t know much about cats or taking care of cats, but he started his journey by carefully selecting the best products for Pidan and providing him with a loving home.

The first gift he wanted to give Pidan was a good litter box.

Ma lives in Paris, a romantic place and the fashion capital of the world. Many products in Paris are very well designed, but Ma could not find a litter box that suited Pidan and fitted well in his modern home.

So he asked himself: “Why not just design one?”

Market Research
Ma started immediately, and soon a small team has formed. A young designer, Mio, joined the team and together they conducted comprehensive market research.

They found there are 5 major little box types in market and each had its own merits and drawbacks.

Key findings
After doing market research, they targeted 3 key factors for both cats and their owners.

Early Sketches
Designing is process that needs inspiration. Creating a litter box that blends a modern look and high functionality is not easy. Inspired by the Igloo of the Inuits, the spacious shape caught the eye of Mio and the idea was soon accepted by the entire team.

Finished Product

Igloo litter box was awarded by Red Dot Design Museum Germany in 2016.

Moving Forward
Pidan Studio was founded after the successful launch of the Igloo litter box. The company has attracted more and more cat loving industry designers and continues to produce high quality products for cat owners and their feline companions.


Red Dot Design Award 2016
Snow House Igloo Cat Litter Box
White, Blue, Pink
Material Type
Polypropylene founded by a group of animal lovers and was established with the pets in mind. We are an e-commerce site committed to delivering the world's BEST pet products for you and your precious family member. We want our superior quality products to fit your beautiful homes and MOST OF ALL we want to provide products that your pets love.

  • PREVENTS LITTER TRACKING: The patented grated doorway keeps your litter in the litter box instead of on your floor. The size of each grate is precisely calculated to open your cat's paw and let the litter fall through.
  • EASY ACCESS FOR CATS OF ALL AGES: No matter you have a baby cat or a senior cat, they can enter into the litter box effortlessly. The slightly elevated doorway height gives your cat a stress free start for doing their business.
  • DOG PROOF: Have both cats and dogs? No worries, with igloo litter box, your dogs can never ever reach their "finger snacks" anymore. The integrated design of cover keeps your dogs out and give your cat a free of mind.
  • MADE WITH THE BEST MATERIAL: Made of Food Contact Grade Polypropylene(PP). The entire litter box is enhanced with IONPURE, an innovative antimicrobial technology from Japan, constantly protects your cat and your family.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: If you are not fully satisfied, you may return your items within 30 days for a full refund less return shipping fees.


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