PetzLife Oral Care Gel 4oz Salmon Oil

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PetzLife Oral Care
Pros: easy to use
Cons: flavor, doesn't do anything
I tried this in an effort to help my cat with her yellow teeth & red inflamed gums. I was also brushing her teeth as well, twice a day. I got this & was excited that it was all natural, that there wasn't any terribly bad ingredients in it. Used it for almost a year & didn't see any change in my cats teeth. She also hated it.
Pros: Effectively reverses gingivitis and dissolves tartar, bottle lasts a long time
Cons: Cats hate the flavor
This gel was recommended to me by my cats' breeder.  After one of my Siberian cats was diagnosed with moderate gingivitis at just over one year of age, I had to get serious with tooth brushing.  I found that neither brushing (even twice daily) nor this gel (used daily) was effective by itself, but the combination has worked well - and will likely save me some huge kitty dental cleaning bills.

Unlike other products, this one acts to dissolve tartar, even under the gum line.  In fact, I tried the peppermint-only version of this product on my own teeth, and the reduction in tartar at my next dental cleaning was absolutely remarkable.  The ingredients are simple and high quality.  There has been some concern floating around about the alcohol content, but there's no evidence at all that the quantity is large enough to be a problem.  The breeder has used this for years on her breeding cats, who are regularly evaluated for medical issues.

The only catch is that the gel is absolutely abhorrent to cats, and there's nothing that can be done about it since peppermint etc are the active ingredients.  It's a long process but it is possible to get your cat used to this gel.  Fortunately the one with the dental issues lets me brush his teeth with this gel daily with no trouble at all.  It took about 6 months to get him used to this, using the simple technique of holding on to him while petting him and talking to him, brushing quickly, then letting go.  Now he doesn't try to run away.  The other cat has given me a much harder time though; the above method didn't work. I had to retreat to using CET toothpaste and letting him just lick the brush for a while, then gradually starting to brush his teeth and am now in the process of slowly changing over to the gel.

Yes, this will require a lot of effort, but just think how much better this is than a series of vet visits and an $800 dental cleaning!  That'll keep you motivated.  Good luck!