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Petz Catz 2 - PC

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  1. jennifurr
    "Not the best cat game"
    Purchase Date:
    Oct 22, 2006
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Lots of things to do, from collecting items to helping other cats
    Cons - It's really hard to get 100% in this game
    I had the Wii version of this game. It looked very promising, and some of the missions are fun, as is collecting items and finding animals. However, I want to complain about the fact that many collectibles in this game are very hard to find, and if you do find them, it's mostly by chance. I stopped playing this game out of boredom and frustration. If I were asked to play it again by someone else, I would likely turn the opportunity down. Not really recommended for any cat-loving gamer.
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