Petsmart Good Natured Dry Cat Food - Various Flavors

Pros: Cat loves it, nutritious, price is great
This is the only food I've fed my kitten since getting her (besides her soft food of course). The price is great and she's super healthy. Great coat, normal bowel movements, and my picky little critter loves the food :)

She's currently on kitten food and I'll be transitioning her to the adult food soon! 
Pros: Price, Ingredients,
I have been looking for a fairly affordable food that I didn't have a bunch of horrible ingredients, this food definitely fits the bill. The only reason I put 4 stars instead of 5 is because my Emma did not at all like it at first, She can be a bit picky though. 

We have had zero tummy issues and she has adjusted well to eating it. 
Pros: Affordable, No By-Products, Healthy Ingredients, Palatable
Cons: Only Available in PetSmart
I had my cat on Blue Buffalo for the longest time until we hit some money issues. I didn't want to sacrifice my cat's nutrition for a smaller price tag, but every brand I googled within my new necessary price range was "by-products" galore and had horrible reviews. Perhaps I am just a food snob, but I'm not a big fan of Purina and I can't bring myself to feed my cat Meow Mix or Grreat Choice. I was getting really irritated. Anything with remotely acceptable ingredients to me was over priced.

But, I randomly stumbled across Good Natured on PetSmart's website and was impressed and excited to find it! It was a brand new food to them and it had promising looking ingredients, no by-products and it was at an AWESOME price! 

I went in and picked up a 3lb bag to try out - being told I could return it if my cat didn't like it or had any GI upset. I was SOLD.

My cat LOVES it. He transitioned from his old food beautifully and has been on the Good Natured food for almost 3 months now! Not a single instance of an upset tummy and his fur coat looks healthy and shiny! I also adore the fact that the kibble is heart-shaped! Haha!

I strongly recommend this food because it has wonderful ingredients, seems to be tasty to my cat and it's easy on your wallet!