Petrageous Teeny Tiny Fish Water Dish

Pros: Sturdy, comfortable size, easy to clean, deep, long lasting
Cons: So-so colouring/superficial design
It makes for a nice watering dish. Kitties are content with it, both for the direct drinkers and the paw dunkers. Good level of heaviness, with no easy tipping or spilling.

Had it for almost a year now so it is still going strong, not chipping or anything like that. I also have hard water, which can cause that staining. Thankfully it comes off reasonably easy off this bowl with a good cleaning, compared to other bowls I have used - especially metal ones. 

A very minor and unimportant complaint, but while the little fish is cute I would have opted for some more pleasant aesthetic designs. 

That being said, altogether a well made product!