Petnet SmartFeeder - Automatic Pet Feeder

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Pros: Supports Apple and Android, continued feeding after power and internet loss, set feeding schedule, holds up to 7 ibs of food
Cons: low angle on bowl so it has issues with food that isnt round, sometimes misses feedings(you can manually feed from your phone from anywhere)
So the PetNet Automatic feeder has been great for my two cats! it is Wi-Fi connected and is wall powered, if the Wi-Fi or power shuts off the feeder holds a charge and still holds last known time to keep feeding schedule. It now supports both Apple and android phones. Haven't had many issue besides the angle on the food bowl doesn't have a good enough slope to drown some foods all the way down to the bottom of the bowl, but its not a big deal once the cats eat the food the rest slides down soo not that huge of a deal. Overall Great product and would recommend it to anyone!
Pros: Reliable, easy to use, easy to clean, functional
Cons: Requires electric outlet, no Android app (yet)
My husband and I bought this feeder a couple of weeks ago and are very pleased with it.  The price was a little higher than what we would have liked, but this feeder (knock on wood) has not given us any trouble at all.  It works exactly as it is designed to.  We even tested it during a wifi outage and it continued to work as scheduled, then easily reconnected to the wifi once the ISP had things back up and running.  The actual bowl portion of the feeder pops out easily for simple cleaning.  Customer service is also very responsive and easy to work with!  I would recommend this feeder for anyone with a busy schedule who wants to keep their cat on a consistent mealtime regime or anyone who doesn't want to be harassed for food as the cat will pretty quickly pick up on the fact that the food comes from the machine.  To me, it's worth paying a little extra for something that I can adjust/control at a distance and (more importantly) for something I KNOW works reliably.