Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

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  1. kgropp16
    "Great for kitties that hate carriers!"
    Pros - Sturdy, Spacious
    My cat HATES being put into a carrier/kennel. Earlier this year I was covered in scratch marks, blood (my own!), and fur trying to get her in a crate to bring her to the vet. A flailing paw caused one of her very sharp claws to tear into my chin and get stuck for a moment, and it was at that moment I decided I needed a better alternative. I purchased this solely for the option of loading my cat from the top. Although she still struggles quite a bit, the experience of putting her in her carrier is no longer as traumatizing for her or I as it used to be.
  2. walkingrock
    "I love this carrier"
    Pros - Very sturdy and easy to handle!
    Cons - none
    It works well for my 17 lb cat. I have not ever felt like it might come undone while carrying it. Very sturdy and easy to handle! It is easy to secure with a seatbelt.:hellocomputer:I even like the color.
  3. IndyJones
    "Not aircraft friendly"
    Pros - Nice colour
    Cons - Can't be used for travel
    I used to have one of these things and thought it would be great for travel I got one of those air travel kits with metal bolts and ties but the airport would not accept it because of the top door. I got a petmate sky kennel instead.
  4. di and bob
    "Very nice carrier"
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 6, 2017
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - I abslutely love the top load gate, it makes putting a cat in there so much easier! Well built.
    Cons - Price a little high
    I think they should all include that top load gate. It is sturdy and well built, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is the price. But notice I bought one anyway!
  5. kittylove14
    "Great for us"
    Pros - Top opens
    Cons - A bit heavy
    Not sure if I have the medium size or large size. I bought it because I have a cat who is fat. But I really love the top opening on this carrier. It is convenient for prying cats out who do not want to be at the vet. Or anywhere else. I've used it multiple times and it still looks nice. my friends comment on oh what a nice carrier you have. I think it's better than the ones that open from the middle folding out. Although I've never had one of those, I did watch a video on them and I wasn't impressed especially for the money.
  6. ashade1
    "Wonderful Carrier for my Small Rescue!"
    Pros - Easy to put feral/shy/fearful kittens in and out, roomy, well made!
    I LOVE THIS CARRIER. I already had 4 cat carriers that I used for my small rescue, but I began searching for one that opened on the top that I could use for feral/shy cats and I found this one! It is great! I got the large size which is good for every cat that I have used it for, it also will fit several small kittens in it which is nice! Overall, this is now my go to carrier!
  7. stephanietx
    Purchase Date:
    Jul 20, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Opens from top and end, secure
    Cons - Neither size is great for cats
    I have 3 of the previous models of this carrier and LOVE them.  Those are no longer manufactured, so I got the replacement.  I'm disappointed at the size.  They now only make 2 sizes.  The smaller size is ideal for young kittens, but it's terrible for an adult cat, unless the cat is very petite and doesn't weigh too much.  The larger size is huge and very roomy, however.  It would work for a large adult cat.  Unfortunately, there is now no size in between, which would be perfect for the average cat.
  8. ghiblithecat
    "Great so far, super roomy, and very comfy for my cat."
    Pros - My cat feels secure, it is spacious, and the fleece lining you can get at PetSmart fits it perfectly.
    Cons - Hinges seem slightly questionable for fat cats
    I love this carrier. I love how comfy my cat looks in it, I love the size of it, and I love how secure I feel traveling in the car with my cat in it! My cat actually loves this carrier so much that he will choose to go in it by himself. I highly suggest :)
  9. artiemom
    "Sturdy, secures cat, great carrier"
    Pros - great for the car.
    Cons - a bit heavy
    I got this carrier to replace the soft sided one which I had used a few times. I prefer the hard sided carriers. At first, it was impossible to get my guy into the carrier.

    For some reason, this carrier seems so much easier.

    I really do like having the top door, in addition to the front door. The top door makes it easier to get my guy out when he hides.

    I keep the carrier out at all times. My guy, who is a very long slender cat, loves it! It is his hiding spot when he does not want to be bothered. 

    I would definitely recommend this product. I like the way the top handle is placed. I can easily slide the car seatbelt through it, making me feel much safer to be in the car with my guy
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  10. 2cats4me
    "This crate is excellent .."
    Pros - The top door makes vet trips so much easier ..
    If you have to invest in a crate I highly recommend this one ..