Petmate two door deluxe carrier

5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Feels open, easy to open and carry, flow of air, can be line with a blanket, strong metal and locks.
Cons: Can be improve to have MORE holes - in the back, and thicker heavier metal and locks.
I HAVE this PetMate carrier in gray/blue and my hard-to-catch female Kat do not mind being in this carrier. She can SEE - top, sides and in front. Easy to carry, easy to lock. I use a self-warming (space blanket for cats) blanket to line the bottom of the carrier, during cold season, when taking her to the vet. This carrier CAN be built better by - having a thicker heavier metal locks (top and side) AND having three round holes in the back.
Pros: Two openings, Large
Cons: Heavy, Expensive
It took me a while to convince myself that I needed this carrier. I already had 4 carriers, but I am a rescue- so you can never have too many right? Plus this one opens from the top! Which is awesome for feral/shy cats! Plus it is a little bigger then my other carriers, so it is good for multiple smaller cats. The only con really would be the price, and it is heavy- even without the cats in it!
Pros: Sturdy well made carrier; not too heavy either.Top loading door is the best!
The Top Loading door is the absolute best thing for skittish cats going to the vet;lightweight and easy to open and close.Sturdy and well made.I had one for my older kitty bought many years ago, this one cost twice as much :-( But still a great product.
Pros: Very sturdy and affordable ..
These carriers are great .
Pros: Two doors, easy storage
Cons: Not made like this any longer
This is my all-time favorite carrier!  The two doors make it so easy to get kitty in and out of the carrier.  Unfortunately, this is no longer made by the manufacturer.
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Pros: big, comfortable, pretty
Cons: expensive
i bought this when i took Maia to get spayed and it was a little big for her but it worked out fine. For Foley though is amazing. Its big enough for him to be very comfortable, it supports his weight and he is BIG, every other cat owner would compliment the carrier. I love it. Im getting another for Maia.