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Petmate two door deluxe carrier

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  • Medium 2 door cat carrier

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  1. maincoonmama
    Top loading crate for cats is a must as a cat parent, it greatly reduceses the process of being crated, especially if your cats refuse to use thier crate as a bed. I'm still having a hard time finding one big enough for my old man.
  2. Lance32
    I once catsat a beautiful Russian Blue kitty, and her furmama briought her over in one of these. That kitty loved that carrier.
  3. DaveRup212
    I HAVE this PetMate carrier in gray/blue and my hard-to-catch female Kat do not mind being in this carrier. She can SEE - top, sides and in front. Easy to carry, easy to lock. I use a self-warming (space blanket for cats) blanket to line the bottom of the carrier, during cold season, when taking my cat to the vet. This carrier CAN be built better by - having a thicker heavier metal locks (top and side) AND having three round holes in the back.
  4. riley1
    I bought this carrier 8 years ago.  The one I got was really too small but it turned out that was just fine with my cat.  Now that I have used many carriers (work at a shelter) I really know how nice this one is.  Have not seen anything like it.  Having that top door is SO convenient!  Plus it is so sturdy.  When you go to the vet you can just lift you kitty out without having to pull from the side.  Why have they stopped making it?
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