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In the airport, at the hotel, or just around town, the Petmate Soft Sided Kennel Cab Carrier is never off duty! Perfect for active pets and Pet Parents.Features: Durable material with PVC backing, Top or front loading, Mesh panels that provide excellent ventilationIncludes: Exterior pocket for accessories, Adjustable shoulder strap, Faux covered pad for warmth & ComfortCarrier Size: LargePet Size: For pets up to 15 lbs, For pets up to 10" tallDimensions: 20"L x 11.5"W x 12"HNote: Your pet's measurements are very important for safe, Comfortable travel. For a proper fit, Carefully measure & Weigh your pet.

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Pros: comfortable, easy to carry, well ventilated
Cons: flimsy meshing, zippers don't hold securely
I would only recommend this carrier for calm cats who are relaxed and good travelers for short trips. There's a soft pad on the bottom that makes the ride a bit comfier, and there's a shoulder strap as well as carrier handles to conveniently transport a cat when your hands are tied. It's very breathable, and the cats often like to nap in here.

However, anxious cats will be able to claw right through the mesh. It's weak, so even trimmed claws will snag and tear the mesh if the cat wants out badly enough. If your cat reaches around for an escape, the top has a velcro and double sided zippers, but both can be pushed up with ease. The zipper can be pulled back from the inside no problem. Even the most well-behaved cat can get restless. Finally, if cats pee or poop in this carrier, while the padding on the bottom does come out, the absorbent material would make it difficult to sufficiently clean. If you need to remove the padding, it doesn't feel like there is enough support for your pet inside since the bottom would sag.

This claims to be airline safe, but I certainly would not trust this to hold a cat for an entire flight.


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