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Petmate Pet Taxi Fashion Kennel

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  1. nansiludie
    "Very Nicely Made"
    Pros - Its Easy To Load/Unload A Cat
    Cons - None Really
    I bought this as I am always needing a cat carrier. I have this exact carrier except its white on the top part and brown on the bottom. I really like that it snaps together and easily unsnaps. Its very easy to load a cat in it and even easier to unload as I have one cat who will not get out of the carrier so just unsnap the clips and the lid comes off, the door comes off, and the cat can be fully examined in the shell of the carrier. It was very vital that she was as she was recovering from surgery. I like that its got a good handle on it and it even has a spot for a seatbelt clip.
  2. SeventhHeaven
    "Small purfect for small cats"
    Pros - good cage locks, I have cats that manage to open locks this one is kitty proof.
    Cons - It has these two flaps that open on top exposing roof of crate.
    I borrowed mine, Would not purchase, prefer a little larger more room for a cat to turn or lie in

    this is fine for quick trips to the vet for short periods of time.
  3. swamplady
    "Works great."
    Pros - Seems sturdy and roomy.
    Cons - needs a textured floor
    I have used it for three trips to vet and three back. Cats seem comfortable. I think these makers need to make the floor in the crates not to be slip and slide finish. I put towels and a mat in it. 
  4. di and bob
    "Good for the money"
    Purchase Date:
    Feb 12, 2010
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Really like the 'clips' that hold it together, very easy to get apart at the vets.
    Cons - I have three, and one is very hard to fasten at the door, most likely a defect.
    Foe the money this is a very good carrier. I like the 'clips' rather then 'turnbuckles' I have had on others. I put a small cheap cat bed in them and we are ready to go!
  5. ruaryx
    "Works well, no problems, 8 years"
    Pros - Good
    Cons - None
    I have this exact model in white and gray.  It works well.  I've never had a problem with it, no cracks or anything.  The only thing is I don't really know what the little compartment on top is for?  Treats or something?  Would buy again. 
  6. cuddly calico
    "very sturdy"
    Pros - built well, easy to carry, safe feeling
    Cons - slick bottom
    My kitten uses his as a hiding spot whenever someone comes in the room. Easy to clean, Kyo had an accident and it was a breeze to clean!
  7. themeowsercrew
    "the carrier"
    Pros - the cats seem comfortable
    Cons - it should have cushions
    its light weight and easy to handle and easy to move around
  8. panther n river
    "Each of my babies has their own"
    Pros - Durable, sturdy, economic
    Cons - It needs some cushion
    I bought this one the day my cat got spayed because they gave me one of those cardboard carriers which lasted less than 10 minutes. It has proven good against my Tazman Devil for rides. With my second cat I got one for him as well. So, now I'll need a third for the new one.

    They are very easy to carry even for a child, I also use the handle on top to secure them in the car with the seat belt and they are very sturdy. 

    It is also very economic, I got the 1st one for about $17 at Walmart and the 2nd at Target for $15.

    I am thinking getting the pink one for my baby girl and leave the other one (grey/white) for the new boy (not that she's my favorite but since she's a girl) Ok, it won't make her like car rides anyways!
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  9. cassiopea
    "Definitely likable"
    Pros - Sturdy, easy to wash, easy to take apart and put together, escape proof, decent price
    Cons - Swings, a little clunky at times
    My mom got it for me as a gift, and she bought it at Wal Mart. I've had it for about a year now. The colour I have is a greenish/dark grey colour, but still the same make and model as the pink one listed.

    So to offer a more elaborate on the up's and down's:


    -Very sturdy. I like it that way, I don't have to worry about it being crushed or something, compared to a soft carrier.
    -Easy to wash. I can wash, disinfect, rinse very smoothly and quickly, and it dries fast. Comes apart and comes together easily.
    -Good price.
    -Roomy enough.
    -Escape proof. Morgana is the queen of opening doors of all sorts (She knows how to press, push, pull and turn things) and she has yet to be able to open this one!
    -It is sort of hard to tell, as I don't have the cats direct point of view, but visibility seems to be decent. Not too much and not too small. Breathability is good.

    -Sometimes it can feel a little bit clunky and wobbly while actually carrying it. I don't want to have my poor kitty swing back and forth, let alone have the carrier bang anything. So I'm careful when holding and walking.

    -Not sure if it is a con, but when I know it is chilly/cold wind outside, I put another little blanket over it. Just in case!

    -A little black piece fell off of the handle part where I close the front cage, but it is still functional so a minor issue.

    Conclusion: Overall, I like it. Simple, but it offers a level of security, and it is easy to maintain. It isn't the most glamourous quality, but it does the job. The cats haven't gotten injured from it either. Granted, Morgana and Camelot are pretty calm travellers as is. I am open to trying a new carrier in the future, but in the meantime this seems solid until then.

    It does need to have a blanket or anything comfy placed inside, but that is a given! For anyone who needs a quick/emergency type carrier that is easy to get, versus something more higher end or long term, this would be a nice option. Or, if you are in a tight budget and still need a decent carrier, this can apply to that too.
  10. Ms. Freya
    "Excellent Value, solid carrier"
    Pros - easy to take apart/put back together, inexpensive, easy to clean
    Cons - size
    We have two of these carriers and they've stood up amazingly well to years of use and abuse. If I remember correctly, they cost about $15 in our local store and are well worth it. They're solid, but easy to take apart if you have a cat who doesn't to come out. They're also very easy to wash if anyone has an accident. My only (very minor) complaint is that they are a bit on the small side (we have the medium), so if you have a larger cat this may not be the carrier for you. If you're sure your cat will fit, though, you can't beat this carrier for value for your money. 
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