Petmate Litter Catcher Mat Extra Large

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Pros: Catches some litter
Cons: Hard to clean, doesn't catch all litter
I had this mat for years but I didn't see a big difference in regards to tracking.  It does catch the litter right under the litter box, but my cat always managed to get litter everywhere anyways.  Once the mat catches the litter, it is a bit difficult to clean it.  You have to take it outside or somewhere you can easily clean up, and vigorously shake the litter loose.  
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Pros: Prevents litter from tracking further than the the bathroom and keeps the litter contained on the mat and a very small area around the mat.
Cons: It does not hold the all natural fine grain litters as well.
The store where I purchased my Petmate Litter Catcher Mat only had the small size so I bought two mats to put in front of my  cat's litter box. I overlap the mats a little so they don't get kicked apart. I have  3 cats and although I have 2 litter boxes they seem to use this one over the other, therefore the 3 cats are in and out of this litter box throughout the day and night. The Petmate Litter Catcher Mat does a great job of catching the litter on and into the mat.Its is hard  to explain what this is mat is made out of but it is rubber and has tightly woven rubber mesh like string that trap the litter.   When I do sweep or vacuum once or twice a week I can carefully vacuum the mat with the lower suction setting on my vacuum and I can hear all the litter being sucked up out of the mat which would otherwise be tracked throughout the house without the mat.Sometimes I will gently shake the mat and than I sweep up all the litter  and it is a lot!!   There was nothing worse than finding litter in my bed but with these mats in place that doesn't happen anymore. I have ceramic tile and these mats stay in place. The mats do not however catch   the all natural fine grain litter as well, but  I think the natural grain litters tend to track more overall. I would like to see more designer colors. But I am fussy when it comes to color coordinating. I am thinking a pearlesant white for my coastal bathroom. That is the color of my litter box which I should add is covered w/out a door flap and has very high sides in the back which gradually become lower on the sides and even lower at entrance.
Pros: Traps fine litter
Cons: Cleaning can be trouble
I currently have one mat for every litter box in my house. I situate them so they stick out a little further at the entrance than anywhere else and they work great. I used to have to vacuum over and over because the litter would get tracked all over my carpets but this mat has eliminated this issue. The only draw back is that it does it's job a little 'too' well and getting the litter out of the mat can be a chore.
Pros: Prevents fine litter from being tracked all over
Cons: Needs to be shaken out vigorously
This mat caught my eye because of its size and texture, which traps fine litter rather well. It's large enough for jumbo litterboxes, which is also a plus. It's not quite as easy to clean as a simple plastic mat that you can wipe. The litter has to be shaken out of the mat, and the mat itself has to be soaked to remove any gooey mess.