Petmate Hooded Litter Pan Set

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  1. Snaxfrlnch
    "Handle does not work."
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    Aug 27, 2017
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    Pros - Cats use it
    Cons - Cannot pick it up with handle, overpriced
    The connection between the hood and the pan is very cheap and will break if there is a normal amount of litter in the box. I have another litter box that is ten dollars cheaper but it works much better. I like taking the litter box outside when I clean it, but its much harder because how poorly made the hood and pan connection is.
  2. zaami
    "If the weather is good."
    Pros - My cat uses it and the price is great.
    Cons - If you keep it hooded and the weather is not hot enough, your cat's waste wont dry and if you don't hood it the sand will be everywhere.
    Its better to have it as the second option rather than the first or at least buy a second box, for winter or cold climate because things are going to be smelly !
  3. kittylove14
    "Cats love"
    Pros - They use it
    Cons - Wears out
    The cats prefer the size and structure of this box. I do not use the hoods. However going to clean it there are scratches in the bottom and hard to clean. Must get new ones.
  4. catluvr321
    "Great Mostly"
    Pros - Cats love this, great price
    Cons - Cat has been going to the bathroom outside the litter box
    My cats like this.  One cat has been going to the bathroom outside the litter box, though. [​IMG]