Petlinks Cheese Chaser Cat Toy Remote Controlled Mouse Chase Toy

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1.00 star(s)
1.00 star(s)
Pros: Makes a cute paperweight?
Cons: Cats ignore it, noisy, waste of money
My cats have had a few of these remote control toys different models and brands but same idea, and every single time they are either ignored or they spook the cats. They make a noise like the rc cars and drones you get at radio shack and it freaks them out.

Sticking to the classic rabbit fur mice from now on.
Pros: Keeps cat's attention, Nice design
Cons: Only has two controllable directions
Petlinks Cheese Chaser happens to be a very good product for its price. My kitten will not leave it along. After a play session with him, he'll go after the sitting toy. The whole remote control option makes playing with your cat even more enjoyable! 

Down side, while its good for its price, it only has two controllable directions: forwards, and backwards. It does turn while you make it go backwards, but it is quite a bit of work to get it to go sideways. My kitten gets a bit frustrated when he can't run after it while I'm turning it. 

Other than that set back, the toy is good.