Pros: earn/redeem Pals Rewards; frequent coupons & discounts
Cons: shipping charge on Repeat Delivery orders; some brands excluded from coupons
The prices at are almost always better than those at my local store, and my local stores don't match the online prices.

Shipping is sometimes extremely fast, but at other times can take a week or more.  Items can be returned at a local store to avoid paying shipping for the return, but you must print a "Return to Store Receipt" from your online account before heading to the store (the packing slip included in the package is not sufficient since it does not show the prices you paid).

My experiences with customer service have been pleasant thus far.  When I ordered two white Litter Genie pails and they sent two black ones, they refunded my money without requiring a return and asked me to just place a new order for the item with the refund.
Pros: Good online shopping prices, easy returns
I always purchase discount gift cards for my online purchases from sites  like Card Cash where I make sure those cards are accepted online.  If you have any questions in regards to your reward points or anythings else for that matter, petco's C.S. is in the Philippines and its frustrating as hell to get efficient and quick service. The brick and mortar stores in my area have outdated systems so returns take forever and the retail clerks do not seem to know too much about anything.  If I didn't need the 30% discounts and rewards to purchase my food and supplies, I would totally go somewhere else!
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