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The hunt is on with the Pet Zone Fly By spinner toy! The Fly By brings the wild inside with a flying action that replicates the movement and fluttering of a real butterfly. It’s not uncommon to see cats lunge, jump, and dive after insects and butterflies. Fly By allows your cat to stalk and hunt in a safe and engaging environment. When you flip the switch and turn the toy on, your cat will experience stimulating and interactive play providing healthy mental and physical stimulation.

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Pros: Quiet, battery lasts long
Cons: Falls over a lot and easily, wings tear off easily.
My adult cats loved this so much!! They were able to rip the wings off within 3 days. My 3 month old fosters loved it also and ripped the wings off in less than 3 hours!! My 8 week old foster kitties were very scared of it.

The battery (1- AAA) lasted through the night (I forgot to turn it off).

The replacement butterflies cost $4.99 each, I paid less than $10 for the whole thing!
I really loved this toy, I think it's a wonderful idea but needs to be made stronger.
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Pros: Quite quiet, only needed one battery.
Cons: Falls over quite easy.
Bought it on a whim as my Cat was getting bored of his other toys and is very active at night. He enjoyed for about week before he grew tired of knocking it over and he had bent the wire slightly so it wouldn't flutter like it was meant to.

Still, for the price, I'd say it was a good buy and entertained him greatly.
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Pros: My cat loved the fluttering movement
Cons: Falls over when cat bats at it
This would be a great toy if it was made better. It is too light to stay upright when the cat bats at it. My cat loved it and played with it right away. She lost interest when it fell over and the butterfly ( a bird in the one I bought ) was lying on the floor not moving. I put two sided tape on the bottom of it, to keep it attached to the floor, but it still fell over when my cat played with it. I hope this toy is improved. I would buy it again since it is one of the few toys that my cat really likes. It's sold at a reasonable price. The moving butterfly or bird is at a good height for the cat to reach and not get frustrated at not being able to 'catch' it occasionally. So just an improvement in the weight would be much appreciated.
I'm giving this review in hopes that the way the toy is made will be improved.


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